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star wars gift guide rogue oneSo, it’s easy to buy for the big Star Wars fans in your life, but the little ones? This was new and unchartered territory for me as a mom of three boys. Even though I loved Star Wars growing up, it wasn’t quite to the extent that my boys do now – nor did I have the understanding of who was who besides the Ewoks, Luke and Leia, and the usual few.  I wasn’t sure which ship did what and for when, or which side it was on – and to be honest I’m still learning.  Anyhow, when it was time to write Father Christmas lists, Star Wars was the most wished for brand – and so here are a few ideas for different budgets if you’re a novice Star Wars parent or family member without a clue. It’s our first Star Wars Gift Guide!

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Star wars gift guide rogue one
star wars gift guide rogue one

  1. LEGO Ewok Village – We bought this last year and it took about a day to build.  It was amazing – and then it got disassembled and so this year we’re currently rebuilding it.  If you do buy it [and it IS fantastic] it’s around £200, and my advice is that if it’s for little people, superglue it as you make it, and make sure it’s attached firmly to a base because it’s very hard to move without breaking, and it’s made of a million pieces.  SO worth it though.
  2. Pop Figures – these are normally around £10 and my boys have quite a few.  There’s a limited edition set available for the release of Rogue One in a few days [hooray!] and these toys are cute and collectable, and always delight the boys.
  3. Die cast Star Wars Elite Series figures – around £20, although we got some amazing deals at the Disney Store this November.  We have Captain Cassian Andor and four others including Kylo Ren and a Death Trooper waiting in Father Christmas’ sack.  The figures are weighted and jointed and are  beautifully made – they’re also boxed and look so smart as gifts.  They also come with little guns and accessories.
  4. ABC-3PO This is an adorable book – we got it for Lyoto but it’s not just a simple ABC book, it’s aimed at pre-schoolers and younger school children and full of rhymes and illustrations.  I thought it would be a flick through, five minute book but it’s full of fun for them and only costs £10 or thereabouts.  It’s also a hardback which makes it even nicer for gifting.
  5. Star Wars Playdoh – we’ve had this for about a year now and they’ve kept all of the character cans to refill and use over and over.  The little cans sit on the Millennium Falcon with the crew, and there are fun little moulds to be used on there, too.  There are a few other sets available but as a gift this is the most fun one and can be bought for about £13.
  6. LEGO Micro Fighters – we have these for the Superheroes too and at the moment on Amazon, most of them are around £5. They’re little ships and a figure from the films that are easily put together and can add to the bigger sets for added play value.  Jensen was desperate to add the Spider Droid to his collection – and I know it’s because the little figure in it is a droid, he just loves them [and so do I].  These are brilliant for stocking fillers and gifting because you it’s not just LEGO, it’s Star Wars LEGO.  Those are three of the best words in the language of our boys.
  7. Interactive Talking R2-D2 [and BB-8] These are the best toys I’ve found for Jensen this year.  He just loved R2 and so I originally bought him that one from the Disney Store for £30 or thereabouts I think.  Then I managed to get BB-8 on sale there last week for about £25 I think – as we discovered that they talk to each other.  This is Jensen’s big present this year and I’m desperate to see how they work.
  8. Star Wars Mashers – I had no idea that they had a Star Wars version of Super Hero mashers.  We have Spiderman and I thought that was as far as we would get with the set – then I spotted C3PO in the supermarket and ran home to buy some.  This Christmas we have Darth and Chewbacca [Lyoto’s favourite] C3PO and General Grievous in Father Christmas’ sack, waiting.  They were around £10 each, but some stores currently have them on sale for £5 each, depending on which character you need. I’m thinking of adding Admiral Akbar to the collection but I should probably wait for their birthday.

So those are the best 8 I can think of for the little padawans and Dark Side apprentices in your lives – if you can think of anything that needs to be added to the Star Wars Gift Guide, drop me a line!

I won’t say it…but you know what I wanted to write as my last line, as we head into the last week of Christmas shopping….

Star wars gift guide rogue one

May….the…. No. I’ll stop.

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