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There have been ups and downs already this December – but one of the big ups has been a visit to Drayton Manor Park for their Magical Christmas experience.  It was the last experience of the year as an ambassador and the boys had the most amazing time.  We made a little Magical Christmas YouTube video which you can see here, or just keep reading for some photos of the boys.

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The Magical Christmas day started early and we were the first to board Thomas who was wearing some amazing antlers and pretending to be one of Father Christmas’ reindeer!  The boys were so excited to see him dressed up and posed for photos which are not on here, as Lyoto now has a range of “cool” poses which look as though he’s annoyed when he’s actually having a great time.

When we arrived at the station, Father Christmas was waiting for us with paper for us to write letters to him on – then we went for a talk with the reindeer keepers who answered every question we could think of.  One of them made Daddy quite squeamish… click, click, click….

Magical Christmas Drayton Manor Thomas LandWe walked back through the park to ride everything in Thomas Land as it was so quiet compared to normal – there wasn’t a ride we didn’t go on [with the exception of one of them that throws my stomach and I have to avoid it].  We even rode the Ben 10 coaster 4 times in a row.

Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor Park Thomas LandAround the park, like at Hallowe’en, were the most fun things to pose in –  a Christmas pudding, Christmas sack – the boys loved peeping through and posing with them.

Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor Park Thomas LandWhen it was showtime we headed back to see Thomas and after the singing and dancing, we were treated to snow in Thomas Land!  Hero had fallen asleep and missed the dancing and singing, and jumping about in the snow – but the two big boys loved it so much.

Magical Christmas Drayton Manor Thomas LandAfter lunch we headed over to see the Pola Express in 4D.  I spent the whole clip crying as I get so emotional watching it, and the boys were mesmerised.

Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor Park Thomas LandSoon it was time to visit Father Christmas and we all walked over to talk to the elves and wait for our turn.  Father Christmas was just lovely – the boys loved that he kept calling them “chaps” and we were so impressed at how great he really was with them.  We had plenty of time and never felt rushed – and then the boys were treated to a little face paint and a toy from Father Christmas. Hero had eaten most of his huge chocolate coin by the time he had his face painted, and the elves which the boys received are so loved.

Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor Park Thomas LandLater that evening we watched the tree lights show and the parade – but we were so tired that we sat and ate donuts whilst it was all going on. It was a terrific day, and a wonderful end to the most fun ambassadorship this year.  Thank you for having us, Drayton Manor. Magical Christmas Drayton Manor Thomas LandMagical Christmas Drayton Manor Thomas Land

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