A Day Out On The Farm… Part II: The Tractors

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Ohhhh, what a mistake. Why I didn’t read the map before we set off I do not know. Let this be a lesson to all of you with small children (and Daddas) who love wheeled toys and mud…

Lyoto and I set off around the farm, passing the goats and seeing some cows ahead.  He was happily nestled in his Boba, although he hugs me as much as I hug him now..and he shouts at me too.  I think he’s telling me to go faster most of the time. Or bounce more.  He loves bouncing, just like his brother.

Someone else had spotted a far more fabulous sight though.

Tractors and mud.

Need I say anymore?  I’ll leave it up to you to determine which one it was that saw them first, but they were over the fence into the field quicker than I could get my camera out.  And that’s quick.

First up they played Boudicca… Then Jensen decided he wanted to be a go kart driver.

That was hard and so Dadda leaped (and I truly mean leaped) in to give a hand. Er, foot.

Then we wanted to be a tractor driver.  Momma smiled.

Then, when things got tough, he wanted to be a tractor passenger-driver 😉

When things got muddy, he wanted to be a motorbike rider 😉

Did I say HE? I meant they.

Some Daddas never grow up… 🙂


“Rook (look) Dadda!  I got mud on my shoes! Ticky Mud!”


Soon enough he reverted to the tractors.  Dadda was delighted to be pushing these around instead of zipping and zooming about on his own go kart 😉

Soon he realised that he could indeed drive these bigger tractors by himself very slowly, and feed the animals.  And so it was, a farmer was born.

I give you… FARMER JONES.

I can’t tell you how proud I am.

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