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Naturally, the day that we decided to travel miles to our favourite farm, the weather changed.  From pleasant Spring sunshine we plunged headlong with our woolen, moose-antler hats into bitter Winter winds and flurries of snowflakes as I we tried to muster up enough courage to break free from the warmth of the car.

Bundled up (even I wore two coats!) with our animal feed in a little blue bucket, we stopped to say hello to the goats first.  Baby Dragon was most interested in these curious animals.

Our Little Adventurer got into the feeding, pitifully shivering to his little bones.


We scurried for the barn to seek out some warmth and found some handsome chooks….

…and some loud, bad hair day chooks, too. Jensen told us he was calling for Peter Pan.

Below is the face of a Baby Dragon who thinks he is about to free some rats from their cage with no one looking.

Dadda fed Grandad Pig (allegedly it was him). Grandad Pig decided to nibble on Dadda’s UFC hoodie.

We were treated to an informative hands-on demonstration of where COW milk comes from. These are cows’ boobs, don’t you know.  Baby cows get milk from them, and if there is any left over, we can use it.  Oh yes.

Before freezing again, Jensen mustered a smile, when we mentioned that Norman the pony might let him ride today for REAL.


First though it was time for the Rabbit Barn!


These photos look so solemn. I can’t tell you the joy that was cartwheeling through his little heart at the chance to be able to hold Rosie the rabbit though. He was just so, so cold.



Bunny love…


A quick shot of Rosie. Taking a photo in the bunny pit without bumping tails with someone else is hard even without the five layers on.  It was like parent paparazzi pinball in there.

No sooner were we out of the Bunny Pit, it was three o’clock and we hustled to the pony ride queue like it was the January sale in Harrods. We were first in line, and thankfully so.  Our Little Adventurer shuts down in the cold and hibernates.  Luckily Norman raised more than a few proud, big brother smiles as he trotted past Dadda and Lyoto on pony-back.



I don’t need to tell you how far my Momma-hen feathers were puffed out, and it wasn’t just to conserve my body heat.  Our Little Adventurer’s FIRST pony ride.  Be still my heart.

After dismounting into Momma’s arms, Our Little Adventurer snuggled close as we braved the wind, Scott and Amundsen style, to reach the coffee shop and the comfort of hot chocolate the best way ever….in corrogated cardboard cups.



After a harrowing incident involving an unsupervised biting child, a non-chalant parent of said child, three horribly bitten children, and four rather angry, tearful and shaking parents in the soft play area we headed swiftly to the barn again to meet some Easter chicks…in the fluff! Baby Dragon decided this was not for him and headed off to see the sights.

We were trying to decide if this chick was Carlos (from the movie Hop).


“He wants to take over Easter! He’s so funny.”

For the Easter triple crown, we found lambs.  Nanny wasn’t impressed when we reminded her that this was what was waiting for her at tea time that evening.


“Are these de-ricious?”

We couldn’t leave the turkeys out. Jensen knows we eat these at Christmas. Well, some people do.  We’re too poor. Ha ha.


He thinks they’re hilarious.


He played an actual game of chicken~or cockerel, rather.


It was off to find the mini-tractors!

Someone small liked the tractors.




We petted the huuuuuuuge horses (Momma’s great love).


Momma and Jensen hit the track.  Jensen is learning to steer…. slowly.




We couldn’t leave without playing on the real tractors.




Dadda was up to his usual hijinks.

“I ran Dadda over.  You must always rook before you cross the road.”

Dadda took a photo of me just as we were leaving.  Snow in the hair and everything.  Note that even though I was absolutely frozen, I still look about 1000 times better than I normally do in the week in this photo.


Finkley Farm, you’re still our favourite farm. We’ll be back when it’s warmer!

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  1. It might have been cold but your boys look delighted with their farm visit. There little faces are smiling away all day. It looks like they have all the same spring babies as us at the moment, it is a lovely time to be visiting a farm. I rather fancy one of those go cart tracks for Coombe Mill too. One day! Thank you for linking up with Country Kids.

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