Easter Morning 2014…

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Our Easter morning was delayed this year, taking place on Bank Holiday Monday.  The Easter Bunny dropped the egg, so to speak, and the boys and I were still in the Midlands packing our cases to come home when the sun rose on Easter Sunday.  I told the boys that the Easter Bunny only has small paws and I was sure we would be home before he arrived in Hampshire.
After a frantic gathering of rainbow props and a very muddy bounce about by the Bunny, the scene was finally set for the morning.


There were little baskets by their bed at the start of a trail.  A line of chocolate coins wound its way from their bedroom, down the stairs, and across the floor, whilst mini chocolate bunnies and neon chicks danced on their breakfast table.
On the wall (covering the latest “artwork” from Baby Dragon) there was a game of pin the tail on the Easter bunny…

…and on the table lay a card each from the Easter Bunny, with a maze and colouring page inside.

At the end of the chocolate and bunny-print trail sat the Easter baskets.  This year they were filled with monogrammed eggs, duckling filled eggs, Easter books, bunny bubble wands and frog bubble machines…along with more chocolate.
It looked pretty for ten minutes, at least!

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  1. Oh my! How did I completely forget about Easter in the sea of red that is Valentine's Day. I have to ensure I am prepared for all of the egg hunts this year.

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