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In truth these aren’t my Christmas Day breakfast photos.  We had to have a redo with exactly the same styling as thanks to my clumsiness, I have grainy JPEG photos from my lovely new camera instead of these brighter RAW numbers.  Note to self: check your settings twice next time.  Anyhow, as the mister pointed out, we always kind of “redo” Christmas when my parents arrive in any case and so this fine.  We’ll always have the noisy, yellow photos stored away in our family vault.

So, on our redo of Christmas morning, the boys enjoyed mini muffins, teeny boxes of cereal and fruit whilst talking all about Father Christmas and what they had been up to whilst Granny and Grandad were on their way.

It’s not posh, it’s not elegant, but it is festive. I think I have about 25 pieces of Father Christmas dinnerware now.  Thank you, The Range.  Never changing your offering year upon year has allowed us to collect since 2008!  The boys love seeing it come out.


Another obsession my littles have are nutcrackers.  Or anything remotely like them. Father Christmas and his Elf joined the table this year and became instant favourites.

These are my favourite.  Mugs.  I just love them.  I have three different kids of cup with the jolly fellow on, but these I adore.


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