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It’s our final month of the 2015 Bostik Bloggers project.  We’ve throughly enjoyed taking part in the monthly challenges as it’s given the boys a parcel to look forward to each month that we can all enjoy together.  We’ve also been lucky enough to be chosen to create some tutorials for Bostik on their Facebook page and more recently this tutorial for Christmas cupcake toppers as a little video.

Contrary to what I hear so often during conversation at parent blogging events, there are moms who bake cupcakes, and love doing so.  I’m a bake-it-pretty fan and my boys appreciate the little sponge creations we theme together, especially for their birthday parties and special occasions.

Each year I try and decorate the cupcakes a little differently; this year, when we found the Santa Claus scrapbooking paper in our Bostik craft box I knew it was perfect for a sleigh ride cupcake.

Unusually for us, we’ve created a little video tutorial.  Be kind to us as it’s our first one – it will be over on the Bostik Facebook page soon!

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