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Cross-legged on the floor, rifling through my parents’ huge box of photographs I began to wonder.  There are hundreds of sepia, black and white and polaroid photographs of around a decade and a half of holiday memories. Memories made here in England, on our green and pleasant land.

Windbreaks and wellyboots, camping or caravanning, we were together as a family to spend time away from our normal routine.  Drizzle or downpour, balmy or blazing, whatever the weather we were on holiday – with no excursions planned, no alternative entertainment, just a new location.
Seeing the animated expressions captured on my sister’s and my face as we navigated our sandy speedboat across the beach, caught up in the world of make believe, all I could think was, when did a bucket and spade stop being enough?
Without the option of a holiday abroad, what would most of us do nowadays?  How many of us would elect to stay at home with an AA Road Map instead of heading to the airport, to jet off to sunnier climates with passport in hand?With three boys, holidays abroad aren’t going to be cheap – and staying at home seems to be the more logical option – I just hope we can conjure up the same magic my parents did when we were knee deep in puddles and pyjamas outside our tent, or catching crabs in tidal rock pools on the beach before breakfast…because I wish I could take my boys back with me, into my childhood, and see what life was like before technology took over.  I think they’d approve.

Take a look at the beautiful photos on the Park Dean site, and take a trip down memory lane like me.

 ParkDean Holidays kindly sent us some little treats in return for this post.  

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