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Pink Magazine Review - Num Noms, Disney, Shopkins and More!

My boys love magazines and comics as much as I did.  They do exactly what I did when I was their age and go straight for the magazines with the free gifts on the front which as a parent drives me crazy – and so now we try very hard to look inside the cover and see what’s actually in there to do when the novelty of the gift has worn off.  Today we’ve been conducting a very official Pink Magazine Review.

Yes, it’s distinctively pink, but Pink Magazine is not just for girls, as we discovered.  Inside the cover of the 36 page magazine are so many of my boys’ favourites – Num Noms, Shopkins, Shimmer and Shine, LOL Surprise Dolls – and Vampirina!

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Attached to the cover are quite a few free gifts – a Num Noms ring and stickers, A princess wand and even more stickers, and a secret diary with a set of notes and glittery pink pencil.  They all came away from the front of the magazine without ripping it too!

Aimed at children aged 4-9, a new edition of Pink Magazine is out every three weeks – issue 249 is out on shelves on Valentine’s day and filled with stickers and free gifts, it’s a perfect pocket money present or after school treat.  There are fun activities, cartoons and stories, colourful crafts, puzzles, posters and more!  As that can be said about practically every magazine aimed at children, here’s what’s in this edition:

  • Hello Kitty Suncatcher Craft with stickers
  • Readers’ Page [which Lyoto now is desperate to be featured on]
  • Num Noms Super Spotter Activity
  • LOL Roll-the-dice game
  • My Little Pony Colouring Pages
  • JoJo Fact File
  • Shopkins Fact Puzzle and competition
  • Vampirina Spot the Difference and Word puzzle
  • Sofia the First puzzle
  • Lalaloopsy colouring page
  • Sunny Bunnies puzzle
  • Pikmi Pops Competition and Maze
  • Shimmer and Shine Craft
  • Shopkins Math Challenge
  • Nella the Princess Knight Gem Trail
  • Happy New Year poster
  • Peppa Pig Story
  • Little Charmers Colouring page
  • Fingerlings word search
  • Forever Friends cake recipe
  • Princess Post page and competition winners
  • Two pages of competitions!
  • Piny Quiz
  • Paw Patrol Matching Pairs Game
  • Lalaloopsy stickers

There’s just SO much for them to do!

Pink Magazine Review - Num Noms, Disney, Shopkins and More!

Pink Magazine Review - Num Noms, Disney, Shopkins and More!

We hope you love Pink Magazine as much as our boys do!  If you follow Pink Magazine on Twitter and Facebook, there are competitions for subscriptions to various Kennedy Publishing magazines too! Follow here:Pink Magazine on Twitter, Pink Magazine on Facebook.

We were compensated for our honest review of Pink Magazine – our opinions are our own.

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