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Generally, I pass infographics over without reading – but this was too helpful not to post here.  I’ve spent far too many Saturday mornings watching cooking programmes and wondering how on earth they decide whether a wine is for a particular dish and how they pair wines for meal courses – and as a result I never offer wine at dinner when we have company.  But no more!  I’ve printed and stuck this to the inside of my pantry.
Luckily we don’t actually have many visitors who ask for wine at dinnertime – and the last time I had to seriously consider this was at our wedding in Walt Disney World, Florida, when we spent a whole five days planning our wedding and tasting food and drink to make sure the three meals we were serving that day [wedding breakfast, afternoon barbecue and evening ice cream party with fireworks] all ran smoothly and as deliciously as we hoped.  Thanks to Roberson Wines, the infographic above is a brilliant guide – but what it’s missing is what to pair Mickey waffles with.  We went for raspberry champagne!  If you’ve got a suggestion of how to remember which wines couple with particular foods well, I’d love to hear it!
Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Roberson Wines.


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