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There’s no escaping Disney in our house.  With the release of Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory the boys were beyond keen to see it and so we decided to surprise them with a little Finding Dory Breakfast Bar treat on the morning of our trip to the cinema.  Left to their own devices, they would theme every meal.  It makes me smile – because it’s the little things that matter to them, like printed plates and napkins. Anything a little special and it turns their whole day to “the best day ever”.

Little people tablescapes are so much fun, and so simple – especially when they’re Disney themed!  Our Finding Dory breakfast bar featured our Dory coffee pot from the film which we got from Amazon, and a very gorgeous Hank soft toy [funny story about him coming in my Seven post coming this week] from our friends at the Disney Store.  I shopped around my house [my favourite activity when it comes to planning parties and setting tables] and gathered a few more items to make it fun for them like the double drink dispenser that Lyoto tries to drink directly from each time he thinks we aren’t watching.

Finding Dory Breakfast Bar Hank

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Soft Toy Hank hankfast010


Their very favourite feature was the Dory in the coffee pot.  We got the little squirters from Toys R Us at only £3.99 each.  Sadly for us there were only three left but that was enough for one each, so it was perfect. Dory came from Amazon at £18.

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Coffee Pot

Finding Dory logo


Disney Pixar Finding Dory Breakfast Bar


Hero kept a very close eye on where the little Finding Dory squirters were.  Just in case someone took them.

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Breakfast Bar


After the breakfast bar antics we headed out to see the film.  If you’ve seen it, which did you prefer – Finding Nemo, or Dory? Who’s your favourite character?  Hank is a real hit in our house!



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