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I saw this idea on the family blog of a very lovely lady over at Elrods Go Disney and I cheekily asked her if I could use it.  You see, with seven days to go, I’m drinking more and more coffee in order to stay alert and get things done before we leave.  Naturally, as I’m crawling to bed later and later (1.a.m last night again), Baby Dragon seems to be waking me up earlier…this week the hour of choice has been 4.a.m.  Thank heavens for coffee.

My cup this morning is a big one, and Jensen Indiana will tell you that Pluto is Granny’s favourite.  It’s loaded up with caffeine and I’m actually pretty impressed with the progress I’ve made on my to-do list this week.

So, this far we’ve:

Bought passorts
Obtained ESTAs
Booked Flights and hotel
Booked airport hotel and parking
Organised Excalibur’s holiday
Booked ADRs (Advance Dinner Reservations)
Ordered Magic Bands
Bought Disney tickets
Sorted day to day itinerary
Ordered Stroller for delivery to WDW
Wrapped some airplane books and activities

Still to do:

My haircut (after two years I look like a brunette Rapunzel)
Pack suitcases
Finish costumes
Tweak itinerary
Make FP+ choices
Buy toiletries
Waiting on delivery of waterproof camera

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have seen that yesterday Peter Pan left the boys a little gift when they woke up…it was their first magical moment of the trip…

…and there’s more to come this morning although as they were up before the sun,  they haven’t realised yet.

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