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Mary Poppins Umbrella Parrot Head Disney

And for once, for once in my grown up life, I feel relatively stress-free. The house is “visitor” tidy and clean [read: no one go near the boys’ room], the presents are wrapped and everything is ready if you know what I mean *wink*. This never, EVER happens to me. So I’m feeling pretty happy and relaxed now, with just the food to get at the weekend for dinner. Now take a look at my Disney’s Mary Poppins umbrella!

This is my last post of the year probably – and so this is also the last gift I was sent by the delightful people at Paladone. It’s the gift that has so far cost me twice as much as it’s worth, and that’s because as soon as I took it on the school run, my friend wanted one, and I just knew another of my friends would love it the minute they saw it, and so I bought two as Christmas gifts too. I LOVE Mary Poppins and so this season has been my Disney favourite – all of the Mary things are in the shops. I fell completely head over heels in love with the Mary Poppins Umbrella and take it everywhere with me – and thanks to the torrential rain here in Hampshire this week, it’s already had quite a few outings. Around the actuall umbrella fabric, it reads “Practically Perfect in Every Way” – which is me, of course. Haha.

I also found the super cute little carpet bags [like Mary’s in the original film] in Primark and so I found myself being one of those people and buying four at the checkout. I’ve saved one to give away in the new year, so keep an eye on Instagram as I haven’t made up my mind when to do it yet.

So, Merry Christmas! We survived. Here’s to 2019 and me getting more work done 😉

Disclosure: I was gifted the Mary Poppins Umbrella.

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