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Stepping out of the Yacht Club, my youngest niece was like a little goldfish. People were shouting congratulations to us, but I had
tunnel-vision. It would be perfect if I could say I was just over-awed by the carriage and could not wait for our ride in it, however I’d be lying.  It dawned on me that I had an enormously monstrous dress and the carriage appeared to be perfectly petite with a rather narrow doorway ~ or so I thought. I had very clear visions of me either:
a) ripping half my dress off as I got in;
b) getting wedged in the doorway; or
c) whacking my head on the roof.
I have a natural ability to turn any event into an ungraceful and disastrous one. As it turned out, there were some really delightful and very, very helpful
foot-ladies on the carriage wearing the coolest shades. They take care of
the ponies and help Cinderellas-to-be embark on their carriage
They stepped forward to help me and said I should enter
first. Now I have no idea how Misty got the photos of me as I have no
recollection whatsoever of anyone else being around whilst I was having
my internal panic attack about my chosen mode of transport, as magical
as it was.

The man in the background of the photograph above was our first Disney contact in the Fairytale Weddings department.  He took care of us on our planning trip (posts on that to follow) and was just the loveliest man.  His name is Bill, and he even took us backstage at Disney, to see behind the magic.  He promised me he would
be there on our day, and he was.

Thank you, Cinderella’s foot-ladies!  It’s very hard to lift that much dress! I spent most of my day crouching down to grab my layers and run somewhere…

As the foot-ladies stepped forward and helped me lift my dress they of
course caught sight of my converse and were calling each other to have a
look. Then some of the passers-by started noticing and shouting
compliments, I was smiling so much I thought my cheeks would pop off!
Everyone was just so cheerful.

So anyway, they actually helped me to
guide my foot onto the first step and they explain to you how to get
into the carriage. They also kindly hold your hands. Of course, they
might not ~ it may have been that I just would not let go of them.


The carriage is actually MUCH bigger inside than it looks! It’s much
taller especially. I could stand up and only had to tilt my head
forward slightly because of my crown.

Anyway, I was in!

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