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We were all set to see the Incredibles 2 – we have the storybook which we’ve been holding off reading, we met the Incredibles in Disneyland Paris, we’ve taken part in the 24 hours Challenge, given away a little Jack-Jack plush toy and STILL we haven’t seen the movie!  We’re waiting for Gav to get a day off so we can all go.  Anyway, to cheer us up a little bit the very lovely people at the Disney Store sent us some toys to play with.  There were so many to choose from and so we let Lyoto decide this time.  He decided on the car and the character set – and we left him to it.

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Whenever toys arrive lately for us to review, Yotie has taken on a role of his own – staging.  I can’t say it didn’t make me *super-super-incredibly* [see what I did there] happy to see him do this, because he’s more likely to show the toys in a more realistic playtime light than I am.  So when we did the Tonka Trucks, I watched him set up a disaster and rescue situation.  This time, there was peril ahead for the Incredibles.

The sun was as harsh as it’s ever been here in England at 6.30pm [we usually do our photos waiting for Gav to finish at IBM] but he soldiered on to create some calamity…

The Incredibles’ car actually fits the little characters, which surprised me and the boys LOVED it.  Once in the car, if you push it along quite fast, the chassis boosts up into the air like something out of Wacky Races.  It’s an amazing stunt car.The little figures are all poseable and amazing quality, and have been added to their favourites already.  There may have been a fight over Jack Jack and Dash.  Perhaps. Haha.

Today, the Incredibles faced a very uncertain future as their car seemed to have headed for the Grand Canyon of IBM.  Only Mr Incredible then decided to go all Tom Cruise and cliffhang his way back to the car, because Jack Jack was still in there!  Aaaargh!Yotie thinks he has found his calling.  I think so too. Aww. There are SO many toys to pick from to celebrate the film – and if you didn’t enter our Jack-Jack competition on twitter, there’s still time!  Good luck!

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