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Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Party ToysIt’s nearly TIME!  Time for the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Party!  The party bags are ready, the toys are open, the snack bars are loaded, and we are EX-CIT-ED.  If you’re a guest at our special party in a few days, here’s what’s in the party bags for you!

If you’re new to Disney Junior, Puppy Dog Pals is a gorgeously animated show which our boys love!  It features two adorable little pugs called Bingo and Rolly who are owned by Bob, an inventor.  When Bob goes out, the pugs go on missions to solve problems for people.  There are some naughty doggies [Cupcake is our favourite] a cat called Hissy who lives with the puppies, and a robot friend made by Bob called ARF.

Disney have just released lots and lots of new toys that are completely gorgeous and as the mom of three boys who all wear reversible Puppy Dog Pals hoodies and have personalised bath towels with the two little pals on, we were tickled pink to be involved in a twitter party to celebrate the new toys!

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Party ToysWe’ve got posters, crayons and  colouring sheets, bubbles, a FULL ON Disney colouring book with stickers, AND a little Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets Blind Bag Mini Kennel!   We’re playing with ALL of the toys at the party – here’s a peep at the little poster of the toys that you can collect.

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toysand the TOYS!  Here they are:

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toys

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals ToysWe had to build the toy scene up slowly so you could see it all – there is SO much.  The boys were bursting by the time I let them unbox anything.  They’ve watched the boxes on the shelf for about a week now and given me their best sad-pug faces every day. haha.

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toys

Are you ready?  We’ll see you on Twitter [@keepupjonesfami] August 15th at 1pm for some PARTY FUN! Here’s a sneaky peek at the toys in action and what we thought:

The Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset is SO much fun.  Beautiful colours, well made and with some really fun working parts that actually work.  The pugs can slide easily down the chute, swing without falling out of the tyre, ride ARF and have fun on the seesaw too.  The boys loved letting them fly around the top of the Dog House and “Collar Up” in the top section of the playset.  They sang the theme tune over and over whilst they were playing and it was so sweet.  Aw.  Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toys Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toys Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Toys

We also loved the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe figures set.  It’s so much fun to have more of a show’s cast to play with instead of just the main stars, although the boys had a few complaints.  As we like to be as honest as we can, they said that they LOVED having all the other characters, but that firstly it was a shame they weren’t poseable and were stuck in their moulded positions unlike Bingo and Rolly, the bad guys were missing.  Cupcake [the female puppy with the huge moustache that makes Hero double up with laughter] and her crew were nowhere to be found.  And if you’re playing, you need a bad guy.  Yotie suggested we draft Janja from the Lion Guard in. haha.  The set is gorgeous to play with though – they loved having the extra accessories like dog bowls and the little bed and one of Bob’s inventions too.  

Hero was initially sad for Bingo when he realised that he was the smaller plush that we were sent – until he found out that he was a Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Talk and Pet plush – and he could TALK, and say 10 different phrases from the show by pressing the back of his neck.  He’s brilliant and very cute.  Yotie was delighted to have a plushy Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Love Plush of Rolly.  He’s been everywhere with him since I let him cuddle him for the first time.  I’ve never seen him hold a plushy so tight, awwww. 

We had so much fun using the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Figures on the Go – we were sent Bingo and Rolly to race on their little vehicles – they’re positioned on their launch pads and when the big buttons on top are pressed, they shoot out across the floor.  Poor Bingo kept tumbling out of his car despite our best efforts but Rolley was a superstar sailor and won every time.  Yotie was impressed.

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals ToysThe collective love of our boys are little collectibles – and when we opened the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Travel Pets Jensen nearly burst when the first figure out of their little kennel was GLITTER ARF, one of the rarest collectibles.  Much celebration!  Hero then went on a roll with three different Bingo pugs in a row, and Lyoto was relieved to have found a different doggy in the final one, whose name I now can’t remember and will have to check with the boys on.  He was cute though.  I love the little figures because I can use them to double up as cake toppers whenever we have a tea party for the boys at home.  Win-win 😉

So, that’s what we’ve been playing with this week, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Twitter party – remember, August 15th at 1pm – and we’re @keepupjonesfami, partying with @UKMumsTV!




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