Poorly Jensen Indiana and the Sidewalk Chalk

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This weekend was miserable.  Our plans were ruined.  Since I can’t remember when (but it was some time in 2011), I had managed to get front row tickets for Jensen, Gav and me at Wembley to see Disney on Ice.  I bought them after seeing his little face light up at Disney on Ice that year, even though we were up in the nose-bleed section.  When I looked at him and I saw him look at Mickey Mouse, my heart melted and I cried a little.  Okay, I cried a lot.  But it was dark.  I’m even crying now.

There are probably millions of you out there who think I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic here, crying over Mickey Mouse; but let’s not forget you’re reading the blog of a girl who married in WDW so she could pretend to be a princess for the day, and invited both Mickey and Donald to her wedding so she could have them to herself for a while.

On my wedding video and in my photographs, you can see me crying when Mickey and Donald appear and all of the children at our wedding run over to get hugs from them.  Most people would assume that I’m crying because I am so happy that the children are excited.  Nope.  Not me.  I was crying with sheer, unadulterated happiness that they were there, right there, just for ME.  I’m that much of a child.  So, seeing Jensen have the same reaction as me just made my heart soar.  And now it’s sinking….in fact, it’s sunk.

On Friday Jensen came down with some sickness bug and vomited 9 times in the space of five hours.  It was awful.  Jensen had never vomited before and so he really didn’t know what was happening to him, but he was brave and never cried.  He just did it, and came to me for hugs.  This sounds simple, yes?  Toddler is sick, wants Momma.  Normally, it would be simple.  But with Lyoto there too, and two huskies who wanted in on everything that was going on, it became a crazy juggling act.

I have never washed my hands so many times in so few hours.  In any case, luckily we managed to get Jensen to stop being sick that evening but Saturday he ran a high temperature and was white with red cheeks.  Even though I know you’re not supposed to worry about fevers because they’re a “good” sign, but after Jensen’s H1N1 encounter last year and the febrile convulsions, I’m very wary.

Saturday night Gav decided that we would just be making things worse if we tried to take Jensen to Wembley and so we called it off. Jensen has been saying “Mickey on skates” every time the Disneyland Paris advert comes on the television today, and for some reason he is looking around the house for a Mickey Mouse present.  Probably because I said he could spend his birthday money on a present at the show.

In any case, we stayed home. I won’t go on because I’ll spend about 2,500 words whining about how bad I feel for Jensen.  The point is, to cheer ourselves up, Jensen, Excalibur and I went into the yard to play with some water (or war-tee as Jensen likes to call it sometimes, so cute!) and the Sidewalk Crayons that we got him for his birthday.   Here’s what we got up to.


Bright colours!




Drawing Spidees!

Somehow, because we’re boys, a big stick came into the equation…

Momma had a little go with the crayons too 🙂

Excalibur decided he hadn’t been “papped” in a while and made his presence known…

I think he was pretty impressed by my artwork…


Everyone’s a critic…. Excalibur making his thoughts on my chalking known.

For some reason, Excalibur then went on some mad attention-seeking mission and started prancing around in front of me.



We were honoured with a play-bow, too!

When we finished with the chalking, we went on to do a little digging.  The ground is still too hard for that kind of nonsense but Jensen was keen to have a poke around.


More importantly, he was keen to throw a little mud around.  Thank heavens the washing was in.




We didn’t find a single creature this time.  In the Summer there will be worms, spiders and creatures galore!
Bored with the digging (and not finding any treasure) we decided to get the water out.  Dadda was still building the Pirate Boat that Jensen Indiana had for his birthday (I know, I know, I am still behind blogging about that) and so an old washing up bowl and some cups had to do.  And water, after all, is water.


Guess who put their hat on this time?



Throwing water is fantastic.  Especially when you have a moving, furry, target.


Excalibur was less than delighted about his new status as “moving target” and decided to complain.  Up close.

When all of the water was emptied, we were left with another of Jensen Indiana’s favourite things…. Puddles.



I turned around and there he was, lay on his belly, enjoying the warmth of the pavement and the soggy feeling, as the water squelched around him.  Boys.  I couldn’t help but smile.  He lay down just because he wanted to know what it felt like.  No other reason.  I love that.

All he said was, “Momma, war-tee!” and all I could reply was, “Wow!”


Then we went in to get warm and become, “Snuggle Bunnies” as we do whenever we are wet.  This weekend was a washout, but not all washouts are that bad….

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