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Learn all about the Maharajah Jungle Trek and everything else in the Animal Kingdom with our Ultimate Guide to Planning your Disney Holiday.

maharajah jungle trek lyoto
My favourite photo of Lyoto in the Animal Kingdom – on the Maharajah Jungle Trek.


The Maharajah Jungle Trek is one of the attractions found in Asia, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. We headed out with the boys in the BOB Revolution [best purchase ever in Florida] and wandered through a self guided tour of the Anandapur Forest, which used to be a rich hunting ground for trophies [shudder] but which now focuses on conservation. The tour takes about 25 minutes but we were there for well over an hour as the boys fell in love with the whole area – and we spent SO long watching the tigers and gibbons, and laughing at the bats, who were a little bit cheeky.


The trek is accessible by wheelchair, ECV and strollers are welcome. It’s suitable for all ages.

SIgnage for the Maharajah Jungle Trek
Anandapur signage to direct you to the Jungle Trek!
Disney's animal kingdom theming
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is just so beautifully themed.
Jungle trek animal Kingdom
Riding in style with the BOB Revolution on the Jungle Trek – frozen treats in hand!
You can see so many animals on the Trek – and find out about them from Cast members!
Gibbons on the Maharajah Jungle Trek animal kingdom disney world
The cheeky gibbons, tumbling about on the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

The gibbons were the boys’ favourites – they spent time watching and giggling at them as they helped each other up and down the temple ruins, swinging and climbing and having fun.

We spent so long watching the animals on the Jungle trek in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We saw Asian Tigers playing in the water, spent time talking to Cast members who knew A LOT about the animals there, a komodo dragon, and so many birds we lost count of the different species! I wish I’d taken more photographs there – but one I took of Lyoto will always be my favourite. There’s so much magic in the theming here, that’s taken for granted.

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