Planning Your Walt Disney World Holiday: Strollering Along…

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As a baby-wearer I find everything much easier (and safer for the general public) with no wheels to run people down with and two hands free.  I do own two baby-vehicles; a beautiful Silver Cross Linear Freeway (a tradition and present from my parents when Our Little Adventurer was born) and a fantastic Baby Jogger that we’ve used to race with.  Both of them are in our garage.

However….for Walt Disney World I realised I need to change my way of thinking.  When I was there in 2008, I walked so much I lost around 10lbs in the four weeks we were there.  My boys have teeny tiny legs and we realise after our weekend trip away to Centre Parcs  that they will definitely need naps in the day, and probably a few unscheduled snoozes will take place too (and meltdowns).

Two tired babies in babywearers won’t be fun.  Plus, Jensen is so tall now that he’d look pretty odd. So, we decided to get a stroller over in the USA.  A double one that they can sit in together and when they’re tired, only one of us needs to carry the load (so to speak).  One of us is then free to have rollercoastery fun whilst the other has the boys, and we can also still sit down for a drink with them when asleep.

We explored our options:

The simplest option is of course to bring one from home. We only have single strollers so this isn’t possible for us.

Hiring in WDW is easy.  You hire by the day from a particular park and leave it at the gates on exiting though, and so park hopping parents will find this expensive.

Hiring from a reputable company sounded perfect: Magic Kingdom Strollers is very popular, and they will deliver and collect from your hotel.

But….buying one online is the option we’ve gone for.  WDW hotels will accept packages on your behalf two weeks before your arrival date, and so we’ll assemble it when we arrive.  This option means we get to bring the stroller home for use too.  After much research, we’ve settled on the BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller. This way I can use it as a jogger when we get back, and it’s much cheaper than just buying a dual jogger here in the UK.

It’s at our resort waiting for us as I type.  So excited to see how we get on!

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