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So we were waiting and waiting in the lobby to be given permission to photograph outside, and Misty was getting antsy.
She said we had waited for about 20 minutes and we were wasting time.
I had no idea at all and so Misty decided to get me up and take some
shots inside whilst we were waiting.  She was so
fantastic. She really does care about her brides (and her grooms).
We had a few shots in the Yacht Club and Misty said that as soon as she
started snapping, they would say we could have outside for photos…. She
was right.  However, she decided she would get the inside shots anyway as a bonus.
I cannot remember when I was actually sat here, I think the excitement
must have erased that from my brain. I do love these photos though.
My heart, ready to travel down the aisle with me…
People were milling around and all of my friends and family that were
there were coming over to me and kissing me and telling me how wonderful
everything was and how pretty I looked. My heart was soaring but it
all went by so quickly… Soon we were allowed to move out to the front
of the Yacht Club for some more photos….
We got outside and assembled, and Misty started by asking me to look
down at my flowers…. I was in the hot sunshine and I started to feel
nervous until Misty said “don’t worry ~ today is all about making you
look pretty!” From then onwards I trusted her implicitly. I don’t know
how she did it, but her voice makes you feel so confident that she’ll do
just what she says she will.  And she does.

My bridesmaids…

We went to move away and one of my bridesmaids was attached ~ quite literally ~ to me!


Everything was just so much fun!

Trying to move in the dress was difficult at first and I started to
worry at the back of my mind how I would manage to wear it in what was
becoming a hotter and hotter day….

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