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The summer holidays are here and I don’t know about you, but my tea drinking increases with the amount of squabbling that’s going on.  It keeps me sane, even.  Haha.  You all know the colossal amount of Disney mugs that I have – I got some AMAZING ones from Disneyland Paris including a really, truly cute Ratatouille mug in honour of the new ride there which we enjoyed over 10 times!

Everything will appear in our vlog soon – as soon as I’ve cleared an area with light that I can set my camera up onto.  Anyhow, a few weeks ago when I was hunting for MORE socks and pants for the boys in town, I saw that the little Chip Mug with the bubbles came back into stock at our Primark I remembered all of the people who were on the various Disney item Facebook pages saying they couldn’t get one, and I decided to get a couple to give away!  I have *cough* a few *cough* Chip mugs but the little bubbly one is my favourite by far.  So here’s your chance to be sipping [or necking down, if you’re me by week three of the holidays] tea from a little Chip mug!

For those of you who are looking at the photos and wondering why I have the hashtag #JonesFamilyMugShot on them, it’s because we’re going to make a mug giveaway a regular thing here.  Everyone loves mugs – especially Disney mugs!


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  1. I miss you, and I know we don’t get to talk as much as we used to, but I wanted you to know that I’m still following you, watching those babies grow up so fast. I am, and always will be your biggest fan!

    1. Hi Dana! I miss you so much! I never get to catch up with you and I always wonder what you’re up to! I will try and email you this week – I had no idea you still followed us! We are hoping to come out to the USA as soon as Star Wars Land is open – we’ve heard it’s late Autumn next year so I’m saving my pennies! Thank you so much for such a lovely surprise seeing your name appear in my comments, it’s made my day!!!

  2. Cinderella was always my favourite when I was little – but as a huge Disney fan, I love them all!

  3. I always had a soft spot for Snow White & her cute dwarfs. She has such a lovely voice as is so understanding.

  4. Rapunzel, because in her song she can ‘cook, clean, and tidy up in 15mins! I wish I could do that!

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