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Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsMy mom has one, me and my sister have one [I had three until the huskies ate one, which broke my heart] and even Gav has one.  They’re loved above all others of their kind, and seen through the rosiest of tinted glasses, looking beautiful in any light.

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Bears. Silly Old Bears.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsNot just bears though – any stuffed toy that you’ve grown up with, and loved to threadbare status.  It just happens that mine were two bears {Ted and Big Ted} and a reindeer {Egg Nog}, and so are Gav’s {Tartan} and Mom’s {Pandy}.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsGrowing up, we told them our biggest secrets, hugged them with all our tiny mights when we cried, and stubbornly crammed them into bed with us even when it was swelteringly hot.  I even dressed mine in baby clothes to look beautiful.  My Big Ted came from a seaside game, won by my Grandad on a pier before I was born.  He’s big and orange and white, and he’s been stuffed and restuffed and had his nose sewn on, and various repairs to his body over the past decades because I’ve loved him so much – and I’ve loved him because of what he resembles and embodies; my Grandad’s love.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsMy Grandad died suddenly when I was just one year old and besides his big chunky cardigan that my mom let me have, that I wear in Winter because it’s such a beautiful knit, whenever I’ve been low, I’ve hugged Big Ted tight and remembered how much I was loved by my Grandad.  I’m taken from whatever sadness I’m immersed in, and cushioned by my memories.  I don’t think I’ll ever be too old that I don’t need him.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsMy Grandad had no idea he’d be taken from us all so soon after winning Big Ted, and I’m so forever grateful for that day he spent on the pier, laughing as he won the toy and telling my mom she couldn’t have it, and that it was for me, his unborn Grandchild, when I was born.  I couldn’t ask for a better present and a more comforting reminder of his love for me.  I wish I could go back and hug him a million times more, but I can’t – and Ted is my link to him.  Unlike ornaments and plastic toys, a gift of a plush, huggable toy holds memories like a big squishy sponge – you can practically feel the love coming out when you cuddle them.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsThere are a few bears in history that everyone knows and loves – and one that everyone in my family has one of.  Winnie the Pooh is a hugely loved bear in our home.  When I met Gav years [yeeeaaarrrrssss] ago, he was already a huge fan and on our first trip to Disney together when we started dating, I bought him a Winnie the Pooh to remember our first trip together.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh Paws Christopher Robin Plushies Posh Paws

Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsJensen’s little face lit up when a box arrived this week with two plushies in it.  Inspired by the latest Disney Christopher Robin movie, Posh Paws have made more gorgeous Disney plushies – this time vintage, heritage style Winnie the Pooh creations.  We have Piglet and Pooh, and even though Posh Paws plushies are always soft, these are SUPER soft with swirly fur.Christopher Robin Plushies Posh Paws Christopher Robin Plushies Posh PawsThere are also Tigger and Eeyore in the Christopher Robin collection, and they are all available in 7”, 10” and 20”.  In case you’re wondering and want to gauge the size, we have the 10″ ones and they’re perfect for cuddles.  They’re available in Debenhams [which I like a wander around] and you can find out more on Posh Paws’ social media pages [and see some of the other toys we’ve reviewed, too!]


Are you off to see Christopher Robin on 17th August?  Who’s your favourite Winnie the Pooh character?  Christopher Robin Plushies Posh Paws

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  1. I love Eeyore! My favourite childhood toy was my My Little Pony Showstable and huge collecton of My Little Ponies!

  2. Aww, what a lovely post. Love the story about your grandad. The pics are so cute – my fave character would be piglet I think, although there’s something very likeable and relatable about Eeyore!

  3. My favourite Winnie the Pooh character had to be Piglet and my favourite childhood toy had to be anything to do with my little pony.

  4. My Winnie the Pooh favourite character is Tigger he is so bouncy and to quote him ” Tiggers get bigger because of their bounce!” I have several Tigger toys!

  5. I still have a toy elephant from when I was born. But I always loved Piglet when I was little!

  6. Tigger was my favourite as a child. However, since the new film has come out, hearing Winnie the Pooh’s voice again has literally made me so happy and warm.. i love him so much and that voice. I cried!!

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