The Jones Family Guide to Planning Your Walt Disney World Holiday (Introduction)

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This October we’re off to the House of Mouse for our first ever family holiday!  We only have 159 days to go (not that I’m counting or anything) and we are in the midst of planning.
For most people, the chance to visit Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It’s the most expensive holiday that the majority of families with children ever take, and it’s because of this; the sheer amount of investment needed of both money and time (in terms of itinerary planning ~ Benjamin Franklin knew what he was talking about.  I suspect he might even have had an inkling Disney was in America’s future) that I decided to document our planning process here in the hopes that I can take a little stress (and crazy, frustrating Google time) off others planning to visit Disney in the near future.
My first visit to Walt Disney World was in 1986 with my parents as an awestruck ten year old and we stayed off property on International Drive at the Court of Flags for two weeks, then travelled to St. Petersburg for our final week in America.  Since then I’ve been a further two times (and to Disneyland Paris three times, the last time being Christmas 2008 to beat the post-wedding blues). If I had my way (and Harry Potter’s bank account) I’d be there every year.  In fact, who am I kidding? I’d live there.
As a Disney Bride in 2008 (You can read our series here!), I get more emails about Walt Disney World than any other topic.
Even minutes after giving birth to Baby Dragon, our midwife was asking advice for her upcoming trip!  It’s a complicated process, and ensuring you manage to squeeze every last drop of Floridian orange juice out of your stay is crucial for most people.
I’m far from an expert and even in the five long short years since our wedding, things have changed there immensely and so this is a learning process for me once again….but I do love to plan, I have a great many friends with an over abundance of knowledge in all things Disney…and I love the magic of it all.
The first step we’re going to look at is the when and where of your holiday… Over here!

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