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Naturally as has become my style, I found a stray photo of my flowergirls alighting from the carriage…so here it is.  It sort of fits with the flow, like a mini recap I suppose.

With my flowergirls having sprinkled and scattered my pink and peach rose petals so beautifully, and with a
tug from Cinderella’s ponies we headed off on the last part of our
journey to the front of the gazebo. Dad was smiling so much and he
asked me if I was ready. We laughed about it because my mum always said
that if people had doubts before their weddings, they should just walk
away. I imagined me hijacking the ponies, screaming “Yee-haw”and
heading off along the Boardwalk at top speed like Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride (but without her body, hair or millions).  I hasten to add that I had no doubts, whatsoever.  I couldn’t wait to be married.

This one below is my favourite!

We get closer and Misty is snapping away with Nelio, and we are grinning
like Cheshire cats. I give dad a kiss on the cheek and we reach the

I thought we would stop at the lawn, but apparently….

We mounted the lawn and although I don’t remember seeing anyone but my
dad as we pulled onto the grass, there were people on their balconies
watching! I am so grateful to Misty for taking shots like these because
they fill in the gaps for me.  Mum said there were about 200 people watching the
ceremony from their balconies! I saw no one. I suppose that’s how
focused you become, wrapped up in the centre of your own, magical
wedding universe.

As we came closer and the carriage pulled up, I heard the swell of my
aisle music. I chose “Southampton” from the Titanic soundtrack,
conducted by James Horner. I chose this because we both live in
Southampton where the Titanic sailed from, and it sounded perfect the moment I heard it.

 For a very long time I
had chosen “Remember When” by Leanne Rimes because of the lyrics, but when I really thought about it, no-one
was going to be listening to the lyrics that were in the song and so it
wouldn’t matter….Southampton is beautiful.

I’m not a person with a great deal of confidence in herself. However,
every time I heard Southampton play on my iPod at the gym before the
wedding (when all the mad running and weight training took place to make
sure I would get into my dress on the day)
I felt my heart and my confidence soar.
It was the piece of music for me….

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