Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): Wedding Day…The Boots Are On…

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The elevator doors part and there are people milling everywhere, of course ~ but it felt like time stood still. The rest of my bridesmaids and our families and friends ~ everyone except Gavin and Garth (his brother) were in the lobby to the Yacht Club, waiting for me.
This is completely untraditional but I never thought anything of it at the time ~ generally no one sees the bride (aside from mum and dad and bridesmaids) until the top of the aisle. Somehow it was more calming this way. Everyone was smiling at me and the Captain of the Yacht Club came over to congratulate me as I literally swept my way (the dress was even bigger when I tried to move) through the lobby.
My mum had my shoes and I started panicking that I would not be ready to  go to the ceremony or ready for photos with Misty, and Diane came over  to explain to me what was going to happen. I wasn’t allowed to go  outside for photos for a few minutes thankfully as they were still  finishing with Gavin.
So, I started to get booted up ~ but my mum had to do it for me! I felt  like I was a little girl, getting ready for school again. Remember  when your mum used to put your shoes on and try and squeeze your uncooperative feet awkwardly into your new shoes? That was me! I had my little white socks on and I could barely see what was happening at the other end of me. I’m sure Cinderella was a lot more graceful when the Prince was fitting her slipper on…

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