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There’s something very exciting about cutting birthday cakes, whatever age you are.  Dividing it up, passing it out to your family and friends – our boys even have an app on their iPads where they can create a virtual birthday party and they LOVE to play it together.  Today, we headed to IBM with our Zootropolis cake.

Today our carrot Zootropolis themed birthday cake was for the boys’ daddy, and so it was even more exciting.  After lying in wait for daddy to finish work, they leapt out at him from their surprise hiding places [Hero gave them away completely by shouting, “DADDYYY!” and running as fast as his little legs could carry him over they fields to him] and sat him down ready to sing on the rusty and splintered IBM picnic tables.

They were smiling all over their faces as they cut into the frosting and plumped slices onto plates whilst we all sang the Disney Birthday Song.  If you watch Disney Junior, you’ll know the one…. “Today’s a great day, it comes once a year, it’s your birthday….”   Ahhh….  It’s more fun than singing the normal “Happy Birthday” tune.

Why Zootropolis?  Because that was the boys’ choice of movie night this Friday – and if anyone likes a themed event, it’s my boys.  Haha.

Zootropolis cake disney birthday

Zootropolis cake disney birthdayZootropolis cake disney birthday

Zootropolis cake disney birthday

Zootropolis cake disney birthday

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  1. I love how excited ours get when it’s one of ours birthday. Excitement for little people is so near tangible. I so love that you’ve recorded this, you know your little ones are going to hold this so close forever? Best mom ever!

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