Easter Memories 2013: Bunny Bean Bark

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Afterthe horror of watching over 200 beans take a dive into white chocolate (on Dadda’s watch, I blamefully hasten to add) last year at the baby hands of our Little Adventurer, this year I foolishly kindly agreed to let the boys make it again. We had warm, melted, Green & Black’s chocolate, dolly mixtures, Smarties and jellybeans.

O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L-L-Y, Baby Dragon had his own bowl but evidently decided that doubling up with his big brother was a better option for him.  Cue melted chocolate being poured from bowl to bowl. Dadda hid at this point.

Casanova walked into the room and walked out again, giving me “the look”.  When a dog capable of so much destruction himself gives you that look, you should take note.  I didn’t.

It began. There he went…head first, into the chocolate.  And what did I do? I took photos.

He was pretty impressed with his chocolate coated self.



It was strenuous work for such a small Dragon.

Amazingly, Jensen Indiana managed to finish the bark all by himself, with the addition of each and every little sweet he could find.

It was a mess, but a delicious, highly cute and sweet, happy mess. There are none finer, I think you’ll agree.

Om nom nom!

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