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Picture the scene: three boys home from school [and school run for Hero, as he’s still so little] the key turns in the lock, door opens and bundle forwards whilst yanking off shoes and coats, making a beeline for the pantry and refrigerator as if they haven’t eaten in weeks.

I’d like to say there are always healthy snacks ready for them, but I’d be lying.  I actually take great joy in seeing my boys enjoy their muffins and little chocolate biscuits as they chatter about what they’ve done that day – but sometimes I get the guilty feeling that I should be serving something quite a bit more nutritious.

Primula asked us if we’d like to make a savoury snack with them – and as I feel a personal connection to them thanks to spending many a 2a.m. eating Primula sandwiches and french fries after a night out whilst at law school, I was very happy to take part.

We’ve gone the healthier route, and tried to tackle mission impossible.  Impossible is getting my boys to eat lettuce. They’ve tried it, pulled faces at it and stuck tongues out with soggy bits of green clinging to them – but they just don’t like it.  Peppers are currently getting the same reception when eaten raw, despite loving them as babies – but cheese is always, always welcomed by them.
So we’ve made Butterfly Bruschetta as they are waiting for their caterpillars to begin weaving their cocoons [I’m sure I’ll have the terminology wrong so I apologise].  I made them quickly whilst Granny and Grandad were here, and made Granny try them.  I think she liked them.
Ingredients:  Little Bruschetta pieces, lettuce, mini peppers, cucumber and Primula.  We used the cheese and chives tube.  
Step One: Lay out the bruschetta.
Step Two: Slice your butterfly wings from the baby peppers.  Make sure you don’t cut through the joining section – two full cuts and a half cut in the middle.

Step Three: Tear small sections of lettuce for your butterflies, cut tiny cucumber antennae.

Step Four: Assemble and pipe cheese as bodies, poke in antennae and serve.

Very simple indeed – and tasty too!  What are your after school snacks? We are always after new ideas!

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  1. My son refuses lettuce as well but peppers he does like. I think I might try some Primula as a change because my son is always starving when he comes home from school.

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