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This month’s Parragon Book Buddies parcel was perfectly timed and themed.  The boys have been enjoying playing with their Walt Disney World Little People playsets and Granny and Grandad’s Jungle Book car gift to Hero was the star of the parade, when through the door popped a large, glossy The Jungle Book movie book, and a matching Frozen edition.
The books are gorgeous – thick paper with beautiful illustrations from the movie, and Mowgli has been joining our bedtime reading each night this week as Daddy sings King Louie’s tunes as calmly and in a non-windy-up-because-it’s-bedtime style before they close their little eyes.

From 23rd May to 12th June, Disney and Parragon have launched a UK event to partner with parents and help children develop a love of reading as early as possible in their lives.  The collection [of which our two are a part] features 20 Disney/Pixar classic tales – and Olaf has been heading the campaign with his 10 steps to sleepy time routine.

We’re excited to be part of the campaign – which is your favourite Disney/Pixar tale?

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