Looking Back: Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon (Part 6)

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After the “Sail Away” party, we discovered from the ship’s Navigator that there was a show about to start in the theatre!  So, we hot-footed it down there, to the (empty) bar and got another cocktail!  Oh, I loved their fruity cocktails so much.  I haven’t had an alcoholic drink (aside from one plastic glass of mulled wine at IBM last Christmas when visiting Father Christmas there) since my honeymoon, and this makes them seem all the more special looking back…


Gav discovered his drink of choice on our honeymoon, the Mojito!  He LOVED them.  Gav has the amazing ability to pick a better tasting drink than me every time.  He could do it blindfolded from a menu.  I don’t know how he does it, but he does.

The Theatre!

We picked a seat from the few that were empty (I’m so funny, I blame my hormones) and got settled ready.  Gav was rather excited.  I think I told him to look as excited as he could.  No one likes joyless photos.

Get Happy, Man!

Soon it was time to start and the show was AMAZING.  I would say that I “even” cried, but that wouldn’t say much about the show since I cry pretty much every time I see Mickey Mouse; I get so emotional.  Yes, I’m still a child.

After the show it was time for dinner!  We figured out where we were headed and off we went after a few photos.

Dinner this evening was in Parrot Cay, but it was sit down instead of buffet.  It was delicious.  Amazing.

This bread was fantastic.  I can’t remember much about the food, nearly 4 years on, but it was just out of this world.  Trust me.

I’m sure you can tell how delighted Gavin is that I make him stop before eating so I can photograph his food.  Men.

Everything was absolutely delicious… Check out my little stingray!  Just as we finished our meal and we were fit to burst, the Manager of Parrot Cay came over and congratulated us on our marriage (my face was like the Cheshire Cat on his birthday) and gave us a cake!  We took that back to our room to eat.  There was no way I was fitting another crumb into my tummy that night.

When we returned to our room, this little monkey was hanging around!

Our Cake…. SOOOO good.

We fell asleep pretty instantly that night.  An amazing first day to our cruise ~ and tomorrow we would wake up in Castaway Cay!

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