Celebrations Ahead!

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As a natural planner, the period just after Christmas is frenzied ~ at least in my head anyway.  I’m not actively doing anything of course, just thinking about doing it.  It’s hard to do a great deal when you need 8 eyes in your head at all times of the day; two for Jensen, two for Excalibur, two for Casanova and two to make sure I don’t fall over whilst I’m watching everyone else as it’s getting harder to see my feet at the moment.

I’m thinking St. Valentine’s Day, Jensen’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter…  and I’m thinking of all the fun things we can do ~ and all of the even more fun organising I can do for them.  My most favourite of these holidays (not counting my little monster’s birthday) is Easter.

Jensen Indiana’s First Easter (2010 )

In 2010 he was barely 3 months old and Easter was a relaxed affair… No eggs or bunnies or chicks (okay, maybe a Thumper Bunny appeared on our clothing), just Easter weekend at Granny and Grandad’s, which of course made Granny and Grandad’s Easter extra special.

Jensen Indiana’s Second Easter (2011)

Last year Jensen was able to join in the excitement when we returned to Granny and Grandad’s house for the weekend and we took part in an Easter Egg hunt at his auntie’s house in the Midlands.  We had such fun.  We made little chick cupcakes, had a BBQ in their garden and then the six of them went crazy hunting down our eggs and bunnies.  It was brilliant.

Our Disney Popcorn Bucket Easter Egg Collectors!

Yes, I’m a little too fond of those chickens!

Pickings might be slim on this BBQ…

Jensen adores his cousin Violet.  They don’t talk to each other yet (mainly due to the fact they live 140 miles apart) but I can’t wait to see their relationship as they grow older together.

Someone discovered a love for Easter Egg chocolate this year!

Even the rabbits in the garden were made of chocolate!

Dadda decided to relive a little of his childhood!

I found an egg!
It’s empty, Mamma!

Jensen loved the egg hunt, running crazily around the garden, but more than anything, he loved the slide and took about a million turns on it, getting happier with every descent.

Pinata Fun!
Jensen’s “Haul”

Easter Sunday we spent at Nanny and Grandad’s house, running around in the garden and playing with the Easter Bunny that Jensen made at Build a Bear Workshop as his special gift that year.

My, What Big Ears You’ve Got!

We discovered that Jensens do NOT like ice cream (unless it’s Daddy’s)…

Not Nice 🙁
Real Bunnies Wear Tails!

This year we’re not eggsactly (ha, ha, ha, I had very little sleep last night) sure where we’ll be, but wherever we are, my new addiction will be able to be fed…. The Matching Outfit Obsession (or MOO, if you like).  Yes, my MOO has meant that I have spent literally hours trawling Etsy in search of cute clothes for my boys. My boys!  With an S!  Anyway, after hours (days, weeks…) favouritising and eliminating shirt designs, I have some decisions.

I finally decided on this cute design for their Easter Egg Hunt ~ even though Seahorse will just be watching this year and cheering his big brother on.  I love that I can say that, “big brother”.  It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  I feel like when I can hold both of my boys in my arms, I won’t be a “trainee” Mamma any longer, I’ll be promoted, like to Corporal Mamma or something.  After two years with Jensen Indiana, I feel like I might make Field Marshall by the time he goes (if he wants to) to University.  I’ve learned so much more than I ever did at Law School, that’s for sure.

and here they are! They arrived this morning and I LOVE them!  Thank you, CoverUnderTheMat!

Note that the little onesie for Seahorse is folded over…it has his name on it, all ready!  Still a secret, shhhhh!

Sadly, my shirt planning is as far as I have gotten with Easter at the moment, given that the few cells in my brain that are still co-operating with me are concentrated on my upcoming labour and delivery and Jensen’s Birthday Party, but we’ll get there… One shirt at a time 😉 (Just don’t tell Gavin).

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