Easter Memories 2013: The Official Easter Egg Hunt

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At the first glimpse of Easter sunshine peeping from the perpetually cloudy Hampshire sky we bunny hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance to get out into the fresh Spring breeze and hunt…because the Easter Bunny’s treasure awaited us!


The Jones Family Candy Hunters were corralled in the garage whilst things were set up.  Due to Baby Dragon’s age, it was more of an egg “gather” than a hunt this time so that he could take part fairly.  Next year it may well be bare-knuckle fighting for eggs though given his emerging penchant for a good rumble.

It was finally time!  Aintree’s horses would’ve been proud of the speed that they took off at. The hunt was on!

Baby Dragon figured it out faster than a jack rabbit.



“Look at me!”

Lyoto wanted nothing but independence when collecting his eggs…and lots of cheering from the sidelines, naturally.



There were eggs in every colour of the rainbow, even shiny and sparkly ones!



Oh, Jensen Indiana.  I look at him, our Little Adventurer, settled into his new haircut, and I wonder where his babyhood slipped away to. Wherever it went, it left silently and without warning, without more notice.  All because of a pair of scissors…and I wonder if I should have, could have, waited.  It hurts to see him grow ~ sorrowful pain for the loss of a baby who has blossomed, and heart engorging swells of pride as I’m awarded glimpses of the boy he will be.  I miss him, yet I can’t wait to meet him…the feelings collide and tangle all at once in my heart.


Wiping my overly-sentimental momma tears away, (I have a lot of them lately) I love to watch Baby Dragon walk.  He carries himself so differently to Jensen that I can’t help but smile with each step he takes.  His gait betrays his character ~ cheeky and full to bursting with a crazy love for life.  He’s the perfect centre of his own little universe, and he knows he’s adored.

There were over 60 eggs.  Sixty!  Each egg, each new discovery and unearthing of a hiding place was celebrated uniquely.

Alas, poor Yorick…


Look Momma!  A shiny egg!




As the eggs were rounded up, Jensen poured them into our main baskets that were sent to us last year by our lovely friends, the Harris Family.


Baskets were finally filled (or rather, overflowing).  The final challenge was to find E.B!  Jensen was fast on his feet for this one.


I love that he asks before touching.  A trait I’m not sure Baby Dragon will display… 😉

When all of the eggs, candy and trinkets were collected, we gathered to burst the eggs open. All one million of them.


Dadda kindly took a photo for me.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I’m pretty proud to be their Momma.

Me and my boys, 2013


We settled down to shell the candy, and Jensen got his ears on, ready.  We then learned that Lyoto prefers white bunny ears to brown or grey…


Lyoto: Wanna swap?  Jensen: No thank you.


Lyoto: I can’t understand you.  Hand over the ears.
Jensen: Oh, y-oh-toe! You’re so cute. Lyoto: Victory is mine!

Peacefully settling for the brown ears (just like E.B, he reasoned), Jensen gave his bunny a little gift of candy for his pocket.  In so many respects he’s so adult in his nature, and yet when I see him like this, role playing with his little furry friends, how small and precious he is hits home like an arrow through my heart.  A part of me worries I treat him too grown up already.  Momma guilt.



Easter friends… Jensen and E.B



Discovering the eggs’ surprises took a blissful forever. The fresh breeze, the cool sunshine, the smell of grass… It felt like Spring for a couple of hours.  It was paradise for an afternoon, for our ourdoors-loving little ones.


Although the fun was over for the day, whilst packing up, I managed to get some photos of Baby Dragon smiling (and not charging the camera for a hug and kiss).


Big toothy shouts of happy.


However, all too soon it was time to go inside…. Sad that the hunt is over, but happy to play with the new treats!


Sleepy Dadda cuddles from a cute Dragon to you all.  Hoppy Easter.

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  1. Wonderful pictures, a magical morning indeed! I loved the finding the bunny and asking to take him down. You have captured your children so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your family Easter Morning on Country Kids.

  2. what beautiful photos of your children you ave captured here and some sunshine too which always makes such a difference.i love their enthusiasm for the egg collecting – you can see how much they enjoyed themselves from your photos. x

  3. 60 eggs! Wow, your boys look like they had so much fun!
    You've taken so many gorgeous photos (you could link up with Mummy Mugshot with the beautiful one of the three of you 😉 )
    Haircuts are bittersweet for me too. They grow up so quickly 🙁
    Love the sleepy cuddles at the end. Sleepy cuddles are my favourite kind 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous family. That gorgeous smile on finding an egg. And my absolute favourite is the one with the bunny and all the eggs – he looks so happy.

    Thank you for linking up with the Spring Carnival.

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