Easter Memories 2013: Bunny Pancakes

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This Easter morning I decided to give the boys something cute to do with their breakfast instead of just eat it.  Everyone likes to play with their food, right?  So after spending the previous evening piping white and blue chocolate into the shape of bunny ears, in the morning we whipped up some American pancake mix (minus the buttercream, Dadda reminds me constantly and with more than a noticeable tinge of sadness) and I tried in vain to make bunny face shaped pancakes in my trusty old pancake pan.

Half an hour later (it takes a loooong time to cook pancakes on Bernie), we had a breakfast activity ready to go.


Someone decided that bunnies need smarties and sweeties to make their faces look really good.  That someone waited very patiently whilst Momma hunted through the cupboard.

Happy with Momma’s find, the creations began.

Baby Dragon made his curious way over to the breakfast happenings and blew his pancake a little, just to be sure it was cool enough for him.  Just like Momma and Dadda do, but a million little pink hearts sweeter.  No one coos at me when I do it.

Baby Dragons like playing with food.


Baby Dragons like pouring things.

Most of all, Baby Dragons like destroying things.  Bye bye, bunny ears.

In the meantime, our Little (food) Adventurer had made the most fluffy little pancake bunny ever to grace a plate in our home.

Baby Dragon wasn’t to be outdone.  His little chubby fingers got busy creating a magical Easter masterpiece of his very own.


Looooots of raspberries…. Definitely Momma’s boy…

Jensen put the finishing touches to his beautiful (80’s, according to Dadda) bunny…

…and breakfast was served.




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