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In the 1990s I spent a great deal of time watching Sex and The City.  Carrie Bradshaw had Saltine crackers, I had Ritz.  I knew who had the better deal there, even if I didn’t have her shoes, wardrobe or social life…
Now SATC is off our screens, but Ritz crackers have never been off my menu and after their various campaigns including the sweet vs. spicy debate, we decided that we could have a lot of fun with the Top That campaign – because we thought it would be fun to top that, too.  You see, there’s been an extreme version of just about everything I know in my life – including extreme breastfeeding [don’t ask] – and so extreme cracker eating had to be done.

Last week I ate a whole multi-packet of discovered the Ritz Cracker Breaks and subsequently found
my new favourite snack.  I love that they are salty sweet and buttery, and I can eat them plain or topped – and I have an excuse to eat more than just one.  No one wants to leave half a packet open in the pantry, do they?

So, after wiping the crumbs from my shirt, I hopped onto the Mac and ordered some from our favourite online hypermarket and challenged my family to some extreme cracker eating.  We began exploring our favourite toppings, and deciding how we would eat them.

The boys study Jiu Jitsu at the weekends and as they didn’t fancy wasabi and other Japanese delicacies, we decided on an afternoon tea kind of cracker – cheese and salad, followed by fruit, and a scone-like topping of clotted cream and jam. For the sake of Sensei’s dojo, Our Little Adventurer ate the cheese and salad one above whilst doing his grading, and passed, crumbs and all.

Ritz Cracker power, apparently…A bit like Turtle Power according to the boys.

The orange striped belt!

We found our next challenger – my niece is a circus performer.  We designed her Ritz Cracker Break as a fun fair one for her – candy floss and ice cream, sprinkles and popcorn.  This weekend she’s going to try and top that – look out for her here and on our Facebook!

So, can you top top that?  What would you do, and what would be your topping?

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  1. Love the title!!! I used to take Ishinryu karate so I remember fondly counting to ten in Japanese, lol! I counted out loud when I read the title, actually! lol!

  2. Now that is just too cute! Ritz crackers and me go way back. I took karate for 2 yrs. after I got divorced, and I swore I would never date a man I couldn't take! And that ain't no joke. He's good. Love the pics.

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