Krispie Mon’tas by Jensen Indiana…

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Yeterday Jensen Indiana and I had plans to make some chocolate Krispie cakes for Dadda.  Jensen loves to make ordinary cupcakes and flapquacks, but always hates (for some unknown toddler reason) it when I have to put them in the oven, no matter how many times I explain the process.

So, Krispie cakes seemed ideal. No “Bernie” (yes, our oven has a name, as do most of the appliances in our house now).  We cleared the table so our Baby Dragon would be able to watch from his Bumbo and got to work.  If you want to make these, here’s how it happened. No rocket science required 😉

Momma or Dadda has to melt the chocolate.  This is not something for little fingers to do.  We used Cadbury Dairy Milk and chunked it up.  I’m not saying that we did, but we might have tested a few squares, you know, in case it was poisonous.  Then Momma melted it in a glass bowl inside Mikey (yes, you guessed it, the Microwave) for about 40 seconds. We stirred it, got the lumps smoothed out and then it was time for step 2…
That was lots of fun.  Again, we may or may not have tested it was tasty enough.


Momma helped to get all of the chocolate off the bottom of the bowl.  It was hard work for little arms.


This is a very important job.  When we had filled a paper case, we put it into the muffin tin to keep the shape.  Otherwise, they spread out. Naughty mon’tas.
We added icing eyes and ‘prinklies (sprinkles), different ones for each mon’ta.
But we weren’t finished yet.


…and eat.  And what was Baby Dragon doing during all of this?  He was watching, shouting encouragement to Chef Jensen Indiana and being adorable, of course.


Jensen was able to tell Dadda when he came exactly how he made these.  So simple, I know we’ll be making various creations in future!

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