Easter Cupcakes!

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So this year, we attempted some bunny cupcakes. These were supposed to be Easter basket cupcakes, but I didn’t get the twizzler sweets and so that never happened. Here are our little creations!

We started with our plate of supplies and cupcakes made by Momma and Jensen.  Everything was stirred and poured in by Jensen, the hot things and the icing was done by Momma.  We divide our tasks well.Here’s how we made them (sort of, I can’t hold a camera and help Jensen at the same time and Gavin will not be happy with a buttercream lens)…

Our supply plate was laid out ready.

The Supplies: Smarties Eggs, Green Dyed Coconut (made by Jensen and Me), Sprinkles, Lindt Bunnies and Green Magic Sparkle Dust.  Oh, and a cupcake.  A lemon one.

Momma made one to show Jensen what to do.

Momma then took a photo for posterity because she was pretty sure he wouldn’t make it through the rest of the cake-decorating process.  You can’t see the green glitter here, but it looks even cuter “in the crumb”, if you know what I mean.

Here is Jensen’s creation story…

Sprinklies (as he calls them) chosen by him were applied…

One by one (attention to detail)…

Jensen took the longest time over this part.  For every one he put on, he took  it off, ate it and then replaced it.

Then he placed his egg on.  Just one.  Then a rabbit.


With a little bit of glitter he was done.

Jensen was rightly proud of his creation (I was shocked it wasn’t a bug bunny massacre with sprinklies everywhere), and wanted to eat it right there and then.  “Dericious” he said.

Momma distracted him, and then the following morning came downstairs to find that he had eaten half each of two other (undecorated) cupcakes and made Dadda an accomplice.  Here’s how it went:

Me: Er, Jensen has eaten Nanny and Abuelito’s cupcakes?
Dadda: Um, yes.
Me: They were for Nanny and Abuelito.  He ate them?
Dadda: He made me take a bite.
Me: He made you an accomplice.
Dadda: Oh 🙁

So, Nanny and Abuelito have the cupcake I made and the cupcake Jensen made, but that is all.  Poor Nanny and Abuelito.


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