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We’ve joined the Bostick Bloggers and each month we’ll be creating a little project on a theme chosen by Bostick, and sharing it with you via a tutorial.  This month was Ocean themed and we had so much fun!

So here’s how we created our mini ocean aquariums…

Step One: Using acrylic paint, we painted a sandy base in a little glass jar.  We used baby food jars as they cost about 50p.  Leave your pot to dry.

Step Two: When dry, we cut a rectangle of sparkly card to fit the back of the jar.  We trimmed it to fit as a background to the aquarium and secured it in place with Bostick tape discs [which are now my favourite adhesive ever for the boys since they only use a little circle at a time and they don’t keep asking me to cut them a strip of sellotape].

Step Three: We cut up pieces of cellophane to look like seaweed and snipped a little sponge, then chose some shells and a bit of glitter to place into our ocean aquarium.

Step Four: Finally we stuck some fish stickers inside and outside of the jar to create our little aquarium.

The ocean aquariums were so simple to do, and so much fun – and the morning after, we discovered you could use them as an egg cup too!

We’re looking forward to next month – let us know if you create any of these, we would love to see!

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  1. Oh dang hit return too soon. Thank you for sharing, and would love for you to share this with the Best of the Blogosphere link up– just see my post from Monday, fun way to get more exposure for your blog.

  2. What a super fun and cute craft! I'll have to pin this for whenever we start our unit on oceans… which won't be for another year or two but you can never have enough material and ideas to use!

  3. How adorable is this? I don't have a baby anymore – mine is 6 years old now, but I do have mini mason jars that would probably work just as well. Thank you so much for this idea. This would be a great rainy day project!

  4. That has to be one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time. And I love that it is so simple to do. It would look adorable in a beach themed nursery.

  5. This is absolutely adorable! I think this would make a cute centerpiece for a birthday party or baby shower and it seems like it would be pretty inexpensive. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what you create next.

  6. This looks like a really fun and simple craft to do with my nieces. I am constantly looking for stuff to do with them that will really look nice on display when we are done. They love going back and looking at the things we have created together.

  7. What a cute DIY project! I am always so hesitant to get my 2.5 years old toddler a pet. This aquarium can be a great alternative. Low maintenance, and no real animal in captivity. Perfect!

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