Mother’s Day Crafts with Little Brian Paint Sticks

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If my boys had to pick their favourite crafting activities, painting would be at the top of the list every time, along with using all of the masking tape I have to create costumes out of cardboard. The tape isn’t a problem, but the paint….ohhh, the paint gets everywhere and usually all over them too.

Two years ago, we discovered Little Brian Paint Sticks, the answer to all of the mess. They’re paint sticks [duh!] which look like chunky glue sticks, and they’re a fun, very clean and neat, convenient way of painting. They twist up and down like a glue stick and come with a cap to keep them from being ruined too.

What Can I Do With My Little Brian Paint Sticks, you’re wondering?

 Mother’s Day Painting Crafts

Well….. we’ve been using our Little Brian Paint Sticks to create some artwork and crafts for Mother’s day too – there are so many Springtime crafts to be made! Our favourite ideas for mother’s day painting crafts have been:

  • Bespoke Wrapping Paper
  • Mother’s Day Tea Party Plates
  • Flowers
  • Rock Painting
  • Personalised Boiled Eggs
  • Mother’s Day Cards

Surprisingly, you can use them in more ways than you’d think – whilst they can be used on paper and card, they can also be used on canvas, wood, and glass windows like chunky markers, and there’s no need for brushes or water…or the clean up that comes with a good painting session. Haha. Everything dries to be smudge free in 60 seconds too, which means that once the artwork is completed, by the time they’ve got up to show you, it’s dry and at no risk of being destroyed by an over enthusiastic dash with it in their hand.

Last Easter the Easter Bunny coloured all over our windows with messages which was brilliant fun, but you can also use your paint sticks to decorate aluminium foil, mirrors – our leprechauns have sorted the green paint sticks out ready for some moustache in the mirror action, pebbles, and even leaves and wood. You can blend them, dot or stamp them and also create those scratch through pictures that we used to do as children on bonfire night for fireworks.

Little Brian Paint Sticks and Art Station, Large Rainbow Paper Flowers. All simple and mess free painting crafts for Spring and Mother's Day.

We were sent a few products to enjoy this month for Mother’s Day creating.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station

We played with the old Art Station a couple of years ago and this one is smaller and easier to transport, and Hero loves it. It’s perfect for setting up anywhere and is double sided. One side has a whiteboard and the other sides is a chalkboard which is brilliant for playing schools….or homeschooling too! Inside the station are 6 chalk sticks, 6 mini Little Brian Paint Sticks and a dusted. It also comes with 10 sheets of A5 paper which you can clip to the art station with the build in clip. It assembles easily by lifting the handle and clicking into place and disassembles just as quickly. The handle makes it easily transportable and Hero feels quite the business walking about with it.  You can purchase it on Amazon here, and below are even more Little Brian products including their chalk sticks, a HUGE paint stick to store your paint stick collection in, and paper for all of your artwork too!

Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket

We also got a bucket of sticks! We love these, they’re perfect gifts for every occasion and you can pop them in Easter baskets or give as birthday gifts or stocking fillers. The bucket contains an assortment of 20 Little Brian Assorted Paint Sticks their strong vibrant classic colours, metallic & fluorescent colours; a variety of other classic colours, day glow colours, and silver and gold metallic paint stick too – perfect for Christmas painting!

Why We Love Crafting with Little Brian Paint Sticks

They feel so good to use – so smooth, it’s like using lipstick on paper, which is obviously what you don’t want, but if you did, this is what it would feel like, haha. We love that you can leave the tops off and they don’t dry out, you can create bright and beautiful artwork and they’re so easy to store too. Our NHS rainbow has been on our front door since last March and hasn’t faded at all! The boys also used them to create a big poster wishing their old headmaster an enjoyable retirement, and it looked amazing. It’s also worth noting that they’re made from recyclable plastic, which always makes me happier about having lots of plastic in the house.

Win Little Brian Paint Sticks and create your own Mother’s Day Painting Crafts!

We’ve got a competition to *win* some Little Brian Paint Sticks coming up on March 8th over on our Keep Up With The Jones Family Facebook page if you’d like to win some.

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