Easter Memories 2013: Bon Bon Bonnets (Craft)

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Last year the Easter Bunny joyfully hopped into our home and loaded the boys’ baskets full of gifts.  This year however, the super cute candy giving one has taken note that we are saving to go to Disney World at the end of the year and he agreed that we need to tighten our belts this Easter time.


Knowing the boys’ love of all things bright and beautiful, I came up with this idea when faced with the £1 section in West Quay’s Tesco.  A grand total of £7 spent instore, wrapped like sweeties in a bit of cellophane and ribbon and there we had it! Bonnet Bon Bons, I like to now call them.  I was so pleased with myself when they were done (it was late)…

Our Little Adventurer was very pleased to discover something full of rainbow colours and covered in scrunchy paper waiting for him.

Inside the hat were pipe cleaners, chicks, bunnies, pompoms galore!


I had even managed to dry some of the tiny daffodil flowers that Dadda and the boys had bought me for mothers’ day, so they were able to be added into the mix.


Baby Dragon gives it a try…

The chicks were the first into the glorious PVA bath…

…followed by Baby Dragon’s “testing” finger, much to my horror….and then his own dismay as he tasted it.  Baby Dragons do not like PVA.

The glueing began!


Much to my surprise, Jensen was very particular about his design and asked for pipe cleaners saying “J” for Jensen.  He stuck it on backwards of course.

It developed into a glorious, rainbow hued sight to behold.


Some of us were larking around in the rumble play house….until they realised there would be no hat for them.


Jensen began the time honoured tradition of picking dried PVA from your fingers. Nasty, addictive, but a necessary rite of passage into the world of children’s crafts.


Ten minutes later, the finished article!  I never knew our Little Adventurer could nearly go cross eyed…until I saw this shot.

I’m not quite sure who he reminds me of here, but I know Granny will.


Realising that Dadda was in charge of his particular bonnet, Baby Dragon was keen to expedite the crafting and decided to take matters into his own hands. Glue, Dadda, glue!

Finally they were finished and set to dry for the evening.  We managed an afternoon of fun and bespoke headwear to boot, for just for £3.50 each.  Next year these are going out as gifts!

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