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Two out of three of my boys are now out of the house for some or all of each day – and it’s amazing how much I can get done in just an hour a day to myself whilst Hero is napping!  This month with Bostik we were asked to create a “Back to School” themed craft and so whilst Jensen was enjoying a day at Portchester Castle with his class, Lyoto and I decided to get the glitter and crayons out.

The craft is really simple and other than what happened to the glitter [if you follow us on our Keep Up With The Jones Family Facebook page you’ll have seen the “incident”] there were no major disasters and Lyoto loved making it.



You will need some glue, glitter, a cardboard pot and crayons.


  • First, cover the top half of the tube in glue, then roll in glitter.  We actually used glitter glue because that gave us two different kinds of glitter. Leave it to dry. DO NOT glitter the bottom half of the tube.  Remember to dab the top rim of the tube into the glitter too gently.
  • Once the glitter is dry, arrange your crayons. We did ours in graduating colour order, but you can do them any way you like.  Random would look pretty too!
  • Glue one side of your crayon with a fast-drying glue. We of course used Boston’s fast drying adhesive and it was brilliant.  Make sure you line your crayons up straight or your pencil pot will ultimately either be wonky at best or not stand up in the worst case scenario.
  • When all of the crayons are on, you’re done!  Leave it to dry and you have the prettiest pot ever – for you, or for a teacher you know!



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