St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Made Simple

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St Patricks Day Made Easy, paper plate, shamrock necklaces, leprechaun door, irish coins, all of the ingredients of a fun celebration
St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations made simple – here’s what we have!

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations made simple! I hauled my box full of St. Patrick’s Day stuff from “that cupboard” this morning after the boys had started school, to see what I had ready for next week. Over the past few years I’ve collected a few bits that I use every year and as St. Patrick’s Day is one of their favourite celebrations of the year, I thought I’d share what we have and if you’re looking to start celebrating with your family – or you’re after a bit of inspiration – you can see what we have. We made St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Raw Vegetable Rice Cakes today and they were more of a hit than I thought they’d be – vegetables were eaten! If you’re after something simple to make with your kids, we also made Leprechaun Chocolate Buttons too.

What’s missing from the photo are some rainbow honeycomb like garlands that are HUGE and I can’t fit in. They cost around £5 and I’ve been careful with them every year in packing them away so they’ve been a brilliant buy, with a huge “bang for your buck” – I’m not sure what the UK equivalent is… Punch for your Pound? Who knows. Anyhow. Here’s what we have…

leprechaun party supplies

A – Shamrock and celebration necklaces – we got some new ones at Primark this month, they were around £2 for two I think. The boys love the carnival feeling of wearing the beads.

B – Stick on Green Moustaches. Some St. Patrick’s Day mornings, the boys have woke up to find that they’ve been moustached by the leprechauns. Easy if you have heavy sleepers, but otherwise, gift them as lucky loot.

C – Mini Plastic Leprechaun hats. One St. Patrick’s day morning the boys awoke to find their furry toys wearing these hats and the moustaches above.

D – The real thing – an Irish coin. I got ours with leprechauns on them from an online store in Ireland. The boys were beside themselves when they found these in their lucky loot from the leprechaun! I think they were around £3 each and so worth it.

E – St. Patrick’s Day Dessert paper plates – these come in a pack of 8 or 16 so you can save and mix them up over a couple of years.

F – Leprechaun Money – St. Patrick’s Day plastic coins can be used as cupcake toppers, prizes from Leprechauns or as part of a treasure hunt, as table sprinkles….you get the idea. We love them.

G – Rainbow and Shamrock tissue paper confetti – we fill clear balloons with this stuff because it’s cheaper than the big foil balloons [though we love them too] and fun when they burst.

H – Leprechaun Clear Bags – I used these for crackers, snacks, sweeties – they come in handy for all kinds of things.

J – Shamrock Jewels – these are glassy and crystal like and often found near where the leprechauns cause mischief.

K – Leprechaun Door. This is a fairy door in Shamrock green which appears every St. Patrick’s Day without fail. Sometimes Dublin [our leprechaun] leaves clues or small chocolates outside of it.

celebrating st. patrick's day

L – Head boppers from Primark, new this year. We have large floppy hats already but these were cool.

M – St. Patrick’s Day Temporary Tattoos – Everyone loves tattoos – just be careful your kids don’t celebrate like mine and put them on their cheeks the day before school.

N – Gold Bar boxes – we got these on a party supplies site and sweets like smarties are delivered in them, or clues on a treasure hunt. Leprechauns love gold.

O – Room decorations – ours are leprechauns that dangle from spiral foil pieces. We also have pots of gold ones. They make a room look very St. Patrick-like instantly.

P – Leprechaun Pots O’ Gold – we have a few. I found the bronze ones on eBay as cauldrons, the plastic ones on Amazon and the little paint pot ones we had from a party supplies online store, left over from the Mario and Yoshi Party.

Q – Shamrock Cookie Cutter – sandwiches, cookies, toast, pancakes – we cut it all with these. Haha

R – Sparkly Card Shamrocks – we leave these on the floor and walls as places the leprechaun has been. They’re cheap, easy to store and make a huge impact as they’re sparkly and big.

S – Shamrock Tinsel – this is the thin kind that’s bendy and can be moulded around anything. It gets wound up the bannister and around anything we can find. It gets tatty a bit quick if you’re not gentle with it.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

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