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We’ve been looking for more unusual gifts for our Valentines this year – and we’re delighted to bring two very unique little surprises to you from the really lovely people at BEEcycle.
Founded in 2007, BEEcycle’s philosophy is one that we completely endorse in our family – they want to teach the generation about recycling, so that the world can be a better place – and not only that, but they blatantly disregard the notion that business is all about money.  BEEcycle believe in helping the people around them, and their success story is testament to that.

Seeing the various Valentine gifts arriving in little [recyclable] boxes at our home, the BEEcycle parcel has been the one that our little Valentines have been most excited about.

Firstly, We have MAGIC BEANS.  Yes, magic beans according to the boys.  Three little beans that grow messages.  They are possibly the sweetest gift I can imagine getting from my little ones – the message grows as your bean does as the words are laser etched onto the shell.  Beans are also the easiest plant to grow, which means that even the least green fingered of us can enjoy these!  The set comes with three little beans and some dehydrated soil pods ready for use.

Our second gift idea is Mr. Turf.  Okay, so the name doesn’t sound romantic, but you have no idea how many of our friends complain they can’t grow anything and would just love a touch of green in their kitchen or office, or on their desk at school.

Well, these adorable little planters are the answer.  At a short and sweet 8cm tall, Mr Turf and Mrs Turf [or Ms, we aren’t sure] are available in red or white [the boys kidnapped the red ones and are growing them competitively in the kitchen] and available in different poses.  The little grass seedballs [apparently their brains, if you as the Jones brothers] sprout within a few days, ready for coiffing to grassy perfection.  After the grass has gone, you could grow cress too, or just refill it.

There are so many perfect, unique gifts over at BEEcycle – and none of them will break the bank, but all of them will touch your heart.

Pr Samples.

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