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boxie review

I love subscription boxes.  SO much.  If I was a singleton with no children to pay for, I’d indulge myself and have at least two or three a month. Or more. Haha.  I love the waiting for delivery day whilst checking Instagram to see if anyone else has received theirs and made a cute flatlay, watching for the postman to see if he looks a little extra weighed down [although saying that, my postmen are made of steel after six years of blogging] and then when it finally arrives, I love the anticipation and surprise of what’s inside.  It’s like a birthday every month!  I’ve been sent the Boxie Box for you all to have a peep at…take a look!

boxie review boxie box review

So, I was very kindly sent the Boxie Box this week.  It arrived on my doorstep with no excess packaging [I love that] and taped at the sides.  Inside the Boxie Box, everything was encased in rose pink tissue and sat on a bed of black shredded paper.  When I finally opened it, there were some very sweet items.

For me, the highlight of the box was the post-it notes block, which will come in very handy.  There are notes of every shape and size and they’re gorgeous – it feels like it’s post-it notes month for me!  Besides my pretty new notes, there was a cute little “Love” bracelet called a Wish String, which you make a wish on and then wear it until the string breaks.  Matching this was a little wooden heart sign to hang up, and a pack of two little pink silicone cleansing pads which are a clever invention for exfoliating my face.  There were also some handy tissues, a teeny roll of Love Heart sweets, and a scented rose as a thank you for ordering.  The boys ate my Love Hearts. Haha.

boxie review

If you’d like to subscribe to Boxie Box you can head over to their website here: Boxie Box.  I hope you enjoy it!

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