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Let me preface this review by confessing.  I don’t like daily cosmetics or products on babies.  I’ve used cotton wool and water on my babies’ bottoms from birth until they began to wean and needed something stronger.

That’s not to say I haven’t used them.  Most of the products on the market haven’t appealed to me, or I’ve heard scare stories about.  When I did fall in love with one organic bath soak early in my first born’s life, they ceased production of their delicious product without warning and I was lost as to what I would use.  I had felt safe using that one.  All I could see on the supermarket shelves were bottles of so many chemicals, so many potential reactions; and after discovering that Lyoto was reactive to aloe vera (who knew you could even have a reaction to that?!) my bath time stress levels were not good.

So when the very generous people at Sophie la Girafe offered us the chance to try out their cosmetic range, I was both overjoyed as it looked gorgeous, but at the same time completely skeptical about it, and concerned about using the products on Baby Hero.

When our parcel arrived (and was fully investigated by the boys who are becoming more thorough than customs officers) the range was much more beautiful than advertised in the graphics I’d seen.Slim white bottles with metallic tops, delicately drawn Sophies, and although it was possibly the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen for a baby product with it’s pale yellow polka dotted banding and silver top, I let it sit on my shelf for a week before I even smelled it because I was secretly worrying it wouldn’t be suitable.  I get that worried.

 But I opened the bottle and breathed in.  And then I did it again…because I’ve sniffed, whiffed and snorted nearly every organic product on the baby market and this one is exceptional.I found soft, fluffy cloud-packed, heaven in a bottle. Several bottles and a tube actually.  The whole range is so good, that the only way to describe the Sophie la Girafe skincare range would be that if you put babies and sunshine in a mixer, this would be it.  I know that sounds wrong, but really.  It would.

We were invited to test the body and hair wash, the baby oil, baby lotion and protective cream, and on Tuesday, a very rare occasion that Baby Hero and I had some time alone, I decided to take the plunge.  That afternoon, nestled in his snuggly bath, I applied some of the shampoo to his little mop of hair (my first baby to be born with hair!) and lathered him into a mini mohawk, then I bathed him with the body wash as we cooed at each other when it tickled him, especially under his chin.  It was like the most perfect daydream.

Sophie la Girafe Hair and Body Wash – 200ml – £11.99

The shampoo lathered very well considering the high limescale levels in our Hampshire water, and it smelled just beautiful.  Not too feminine, just gentle fragrance.  It also lathered well on his body instead of simply slipping off in a blob like so many shower gels do when applied.

Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion – 150ml – £14.99 
Sophie la Girafe Baby Oil – 200ml – £14.99 

After wrapping up warm in his fluffy giraffe towel (of course), I decided to try my hand at baby massage with the oil.  Within seconds he was smiling at me, talking non stop and wiggling about.  It sounds so gushy to say, but he was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.  Quite honestly, he was in heaven, giggling and wriggling around on the bed.  I chose the oil over the body lotion as I prefer the smell.  The lotion is more peppery smelling to me, more spicy, but it feels divine.  What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve claimed that one for myself.

Our favourite product was hands down (ha ha) the oil.  It’s what I’d describe as a light oil and a pleasure to use.  I have a fear of body oil use in our house – having siberian huskies has made the application of anything oily, creamy or lotion-like to our bodies (or the drying of our faces on towels which have been sneakily attacked) a pretty disgustingly hair-filled affair which generally results in the re-cleansing of the area to which the product was applied.   We accepted failure graciously before the boys were born, but in Baby Hero’s cocooned area of our house, in his hair free sanctuary, we made a break through.

Sophie la Giraffe Baby Protection Cream – 50ml –  £14.99

The protective cream is thick and luxurious, which means that when your little one has a sprinkle (which is what we call urinating in our household, I like to think it sounds nicer) or a poo-xplosion (or poo-nami as my friend calls them – no mistaking that one!) their skin is well protected.  Luckily we haven’t had cause to use it in a remedial way to solve nappy rash save for one time so far, but this is the product I worry over the most as I’m always paranoid that any cream I put on a sore part of the body would increase the stinging since they cry when it’s touched in any case.  This fear is increased after discovering that Little Dragon Lyoto has a reaction to aloe vera.  However, this cream seems to make Baby Hero feel good in the nappy department before bedtime and he settles well wearing it.

After the Test Drive…
We absolutely love…
The smell.  The beautiful packaging, and the products therein.  There is nothing not to love.  We’re hooked.
We wish…
That we hadn’t spilled the oil! Yes, when using the oil on our bed, the bottle tipped without warning and the oil seeped out onto the mattress.  Although it emptied almost completely, we have a heavenly smelling mattress!
Would we buy it?

Absolutely.  I just bought more more oil at Ocado (1/3 off!).  Although the products are more expensive than the everyday cosmetics for baby advertised in supermarkets, these are luxurious, feel special to use and whilst he’s tiny, he doesn’t need an awful lot of each bottle every time he takes a bath and so they last a long time.  Sophie le Giraffe cosmetics are luxury items, and clearly designed to be; but they are a worthwhile investment.  I have friends who will spend a fortune on creams purporting to reverse the effects of neglect on their skin; taking care of your little one’s skin is so important.

Disclosure: We received Sophie la Giraffe products in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for such a great review! Similar to you, I think having a daily cosmetic routine for a baby might be a bit extreme- then again, I don't have kids so can't really talk. So funny that Hero is the first of your babies to be born with hair, and great he enjoyed the massage so much!

  2. I have never heard of Sophie la Girafe skincare products before but they sound amazing. I will have to share this with my sister and my niece whom have little ones. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This was such a great review. I've seen this range in my local Boots but haven't picked it up because of the price. Fluffy clouds packed in a bottle sounds amazing though! Once again I love your photography 🙂

  4. I don't have any kids yet, but I worry a lot about when I do have kids and the kinds of chemicals that are in baby care products. It just doesn't seem wise to expose babies to so many chemicals, no matter how 'safe' they've been deemed. It's nice, though, to hear about products that are gentle and good for babies. Thank you for sharing these products and your experience with them.

  5. My girls both loved their Sophies, but I had no idea they had a toiletry line as well. These looks great. I'm going to look into them for baby shower presents.

  6. Thank you so much for the review! I love natural organic baby products and will even use them on the rest of the family! I hadn't heard of this one, so thank you for sharing!

  7. i've never heard of these products before.. i have heard of sophie the giraffe just because it used to be all the rage.. even though we don't even have kids. haha but i know if / when we have kids we'll definitely be looking into more organic / natural products for them.

  8. It's nice that it has a nice scent and really baby friend;y. Babies have really sensitive skin and knowing that it's effective on them just says on how good the products is.

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