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It’s the Summer nightmare.  As soon as our little ones break for the holidays, we’re already thinking about it.

School uniform.  Get it too early and they’ll have grown out of it, too late and you’re left with the potential of getting nothing the dregs – or even worse, nothing.  With every supermarket pushing their own brand of schoolwear, it’s difficult to know who to trust and what to look for.
What we want as parents is quality – and from a name that we trust wholeheartedly.  When Marks and Spencers asked if we’d like to be dressed in their own brand of schoolwear for the new academic year we were beyond delighted – because if there’s anyone we trust, it’s them.
Their schoolwear features some amazing technology – repelling water and stains and preventing creases so that my boys will be smart and comfortable all day long, however messy creative with the paint or rough and tumble they’re being.  There are elasticated cuffs [no buttons!], stain away finishes to help any stains that do stick wash away easier, and everything is non-iron.  Deciding which items to try was like gazing at a delicious, stress-free morning menu – and from the comfort of my plushy, warm sofa, with cup of tea in hand too.
After making our choices, my favourite item is by far the trousers, although Jensen loves his ‘Sonic’ [it’s all about Sonic the Hedgehog at the moment] blue jacket and Lyoto is in love with his new white boxer pants as he’s proud to be a “big boy” and use the toilet now.  I won’t share the precise details of his amazing “skills” – but let’s say he may have a future in the circus.    
But back to the trousers – I love a great crease in my boys’ trousers because it shows a pride in their appearance [at least for the start of the day] – but after months of learning not to make tramlines in my own trousers in readiness for Sandhurst years [and years] ago, I now hate ironing.  I can’t remember the last time I did it.  Having trousers with a permanent crease is heaven sent because I can look like I have it together in the mornings, when I really don’t.  I’ve got three boys, running in different directions, asking for various breakfast items and all evading getting washed and dressed.
I’m so relieved to have ‘school uniform’ checked off my September list.  The best thing? For £100, my boys are both clothed from head to toe, pants and socks included – and the socks are the softest I have ever felt – and ready for September, kitted out for the end of the warmer weather in smart shorts, through to Winter and the new year with the adjustable waists in each garment, and sew-free, ironable adjusta-hems giving three inches of extra leg length for my growing boys.  
Marks and Spencer, from the bottom of our hearts, me, my washing machine, my morning coffee and my sanity thank you.

Disclosure: We were gifted the clothing for the purposes of this article.

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  1. First off I need that cart shelf thing in my life. Goodness my mornings would go so much smoother if I can put that somewhere so things can be ready for them. Uniforms are needed in my household and I get tired of the pants that always mess up around the knee every year. Definitely have to check this company out.

  2. He is such a handsome little devil! I wish I'd known about this clothing line when my kids were younger. I had a terrible time finding them fashionable clothes that could stand up to the wear and tear of little ones.

  3. I love Marks and Spencer. I didn't know that they now carry school uniforms. The school uniform features are interesting because they can repel water and stains. These are important, especially with boys. I love that the material prevent creases, too.

  4. Marks and Spencer is a trusted brand that promises high quality clothing material for everyday wear. It's a great choice for school uniform and the fact that it doesn't crease a lot makes it easy to iron and readily wear. It's also washing-machine friendly so that's nice.

  5. My friends like Mark and Spencer and the clothes are really unique! Wow and to think you can clothe you boys from top to toe including socks at what a great price! I think I might get a Mark and Spencer voucher for my nephew's birthday! Thanks for highlighting the schoolwear today!

  6. Oh lucky you! They sound like a really decent brand! When I was in school I really have my clothes the run-around. I remember my mum being very perplexed over the dirtiness of my clothes. Cool to hear that all this new technology makes keeping them clean so much easier!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this post as I love to learn about new brands! It sounds like you are all ready for back to school! Very cool that Marks and Spencer sells school uniforms, this will make life easier for many parents!

  8. I hadn't heard of this clothing line or store before. I love material that doesn't crease. I so rarely turn on the iron anymore! I have a son too who really like the color blue. He isn't into Sonic just yet!

  9. You are so right about buying uniforms to early! LOL I waited until ALMOST the last minute this year because my son always has his growth spurt in the fall. I will definitely check this company out because I'm always looking for more options.

  10. That cart is awesome! As for simpler mornings please sign me up. School mornings are so difficult, getting two little ones ready we need all the help we could get to simplify and get us out on time. Sadly uniforms are not on our back to school list 🙁

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