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Two Jones Boys face off over Jakks Pacific’s Slap Ninja Game

The boys walked pretty swiftly home tonight as I said we had a treat for them for this week’s games night. We love a good game here – usually board games or card games, and normally we’re not huge fans of the games that you can’t pack away nice and neatly, but…..Slap Ninja. They couldn’t resist after just hearing the name. Here’s the ad.


So this is an electronic and very cute, ninja topped and hilarious version of the playground game we’ve all played – with sound effects and a buzzer! Remember putting your hand out in front of you and challenging people to see if they can slap it? Yep. This is it in a more refined manner. Haha.

Slap Ninja is a game for two players ages 4 and up. If there are more of you, run a tournament and time each other’s wins. You can either be the Master or Student. With one hand on the game controller, which is styled as a karate bench, as the Ninja Master, you’re using your huge karate chopping hand to protect the red coin in your other palm; as the Student, you’re trying to gain points by successfully tapping your Master’s treasured coin.

Some of us got very excited playing the Master in Slap Ninja…

Three points needs to be scored by the Student or Master to win – and the little light up ninja stars on each side keep track – you’re aiming for lights on your opponent’s side, not yours.

The game comes with batteries already included – hooray for Jakks Pacific for not adding another job to our day after buying the game!

The loser’s buzzer in Slap Ninja tickles quite a bit…

The game took mere seconds to learn, but apparently it’s going to take a lifetime to master. All I know is there’s now a constant battle to be Slap Ninja champion, and anyone who steps through our door is challenged by the boys. Jens is back from his residential trip with school tomorrow and he’s going to love it.

One piece, Slap Ninja is easy to store and stands independently for tidying!

I’m not normally a fan of novelty games, but this one has an element of competition in it that’s kept us all interested, particularly as the games are so short. We love the sound effects – and if you’re the loser, the sensation of the little button as it buzzes is quite something [not painful] It’s been a fun all round game – no negatives here!

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