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We needed a little fresh air this morning and so we headed for the neighbourhood park, taking Donny 
and Raph out for a trek with their dino friends.  Sadly after all of the kerfuffle trying to get us out of the house, it was nearly midday and so the sunshine decided not to play ball and cast some shadows from up high – but thankfully you can still see how excited we were about the new Half Shell Heroes!

The new range is bright and playful, and adds to the already brilliant playsets that are available for smaller fans [with smaller hands] of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang.

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The new set of toys has been released to follow a one hour special that aired on Nick Toons, January 31st this year, when the turtles went back in time to the Jurassic period and encountered a mutant race.  We won’t give too much away in case you haven’t watched it, but it’s turtley-awesome. 

We Love…
Pretty much everything about them.  The characters are a fantastic pocket size, poseable and best of all, they actually stand up without toppling over.
The quality. The dinosaurs are chunky, weighty and with soft edges.  Their limbs move easily with a little friction that means they stand up well instead of flopping forwards.
That they actually do what they’re designed to, and claim to do.  The t-rex easily scoops things into his mouth without having to help them, and the pteradactyl flaps his wings at the push of a button.
They’re clearly designed for the range and not some random dinosaurs.  They have the half shell hero look to them.
We Wish…
That the turtle feet were a little easier to fit into the dino footholds.  This did get easier over time, but initially they were very difficult to attach.

Would I buy them? Yes.  I’ve bought the boys Half Shell Heroes before and these are fantastic fun to add to their collection – particularly as there is also a book that they can read about the series at bedtime.  The quality is good, they are sturdy and they’re sure to be favourites for a long time.

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