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Remember I was complaining about my house and wanting a blank canvas?  Well, scrap that. I fell in love with some wallpaper recently that made me forget all of my dreams of a whitewashed way of life, and now I’m completely hooked.  It’s blue, metallic and covered in little birds – and I’m quite besotted with it.
The only problem is [besides my husband being more than extremely reluctant to decorate his house] that now I have no idea which lighting to choose.  It’s the most important part for me work wise as a photographer in this house, but it’s the most difficult.  Currently we have what I refer to as cow udders and nipples.
The udders are the huge, cup like wall lights, and the nipples are glass caps over the lights in the ceiling and they are both horrendous – and have been in our living room for over 15 years now.  I never chose them, I’ve never liked them – and I’ve never been allowed to change them.  They trap insects in the Summer months which is both unsettling as a moth dies whilst you’re eating dinner, and at times quite hair raising as a wasp is caught, becoming more annoyed, and you’re in close proximity to it, trying to rescue it whilst at the same time trying to prevent any wasp attacks on you or your children.
However, I just can’t decide on any new lighting. I’m very fond of the lanterns I see in catalogues I’ve browsed, but I’m just not sure.  Then there’s the whole bulbs issue.  The lights we have currently sabotage any attempts at evening photography – and I’m sure that there are better options available. Recently I’ve been trying to research what actually is available to me on Bulbs2Go as it was recommended to me by a friend.  I’d rather sit and flip backwards and forwards on an internet site than stand like a zombie in front of the millions of generic boxes of bulbs in our local DIY warehouse as I hope that somehow by osmosis the whole wattage and LED or not, eco friendly or not lighting dilemma is magically solved for me.

I’d be more than happy for any of my friends to educate me – but no one I know seems to be any the wiser as to what’s suitable for where in the home.    So until I finish reading up on lighting options, here’s a little peep at my pretty paper and the lighting I’d really love – maybe – if I understood what it was going to look like light-output wise in our home.

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