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Welcome to our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide!  This year we’ve decided to feature some of the ideas we were sent that we fell in love with and which we would send [and have sent] to our friends and family – hopefully you can find something in here too!  This is my “Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2018” – enjoy!


Last year I shared with you all my gorgeous Steamer from ProCook.  Our shiny steamer still looks as good as new despite me using it so often, especially at the moment! So first on our list is a new item from them for the Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2018!  This year they sent me the most perfect present for over Christmas and New Year – a cheese/cake dome.  It’s simple and perfect for showcasing either a gorgeous cheese platter or protecting the Christmas cake from little fingers before everyone has had a chance to admire it.  The hand-blown glass dome rests on a solid beech base and it makes me smile – who doesn’t smile at cheese or cake?

If you’re a fan of casseroles and slow cooking, you will love this beautiful cast iron cream casserole dish from Von Shef.  We are huge fans of this brand – their coffee set is the most loved item in our kitchen each morning!  The casserole dish is made to last, and has the most unique pattern on the lid – when I first saw it, I thought it was a snowflake!  It’s easy to clean and looks so perfect in the kitchen in every season.  It’s the perfect size for family dinners, and is a really sturdy piece of equipment at a fantastic price!  I also know I’m not going to ruin it which is always a comfort – just remember not to use an iron scourer if you do burn things!


Don’t tell anyone, but this gorgeous Dora Designs door stop is my favourite ever gift this Christmas.  EVER.  A row of gorgeous Highland Coos is now guarding my front door and keeping the cold out.  The boys think it’s even better as each of the Coos has a different hairstyle and they’ve now tried naming them all!  It’s gorgeously made, very heavy and of beautiful quality.  The Coos slide across the carpet when the door is opened instead of just rolling under the door like the cheaper versions I’ve had.  If you want to make someone warm and happy this Christmas, this is the gift for you.  I smile every time I walk past it in our hallway!


You know how much I LOVE flowers in our house.  There’s nothing that makes me smile like a trip to the flower market, even if I have to get up at the crack of dawn.  Last year I realised that I don’t have enough vases – good vases that look amazing even before the flowers are in there.  Dartington Crystal creates the most beautiful kind – the green one pictured is one of their Flower Bottles collection, which comes in various shapes and sizes.  It’s hand blown and crafted, and then the little flower detail on the front is pressed into it.  I would LOVE to see these being made.  I fell in love with the green bottle for Christmas because it will take me through every season – I can’t imagine a flower that wouldn’t look stunning in it.  It’s a very weighty vase for its size and beautifully handcrafted by Dartington, who have been making beautiful pieces since 1967.  If you’re after the perfect Christmas, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or in fact any celebration gift, their glass is just exquisite – pop over and take a look!

The collection of books which forms the Paperscapes Collection above is the most breathtaking set I own.  Each book – Trees, Aviary, Butterfly Garden and Flowers, features the story of each specimen in a unique way – the top of each page has press-out parts, which help the book to transform into a beautiful, shapely piece of art.  They’re a real treasure for your bookshelf – we already bought the Aviary one for Gav’s dad!


I’ve always wanted somewhere pretty to display my makeup and skincare – and this mirrored, two-tiered stand from Beautify is so pretty!  It fits perfectly in my closet and holds so much – and everything looks so much better than when it’s stuffed into my makeup bag or medicine cabinet.

Evolve Let it Glow Christmas Cracker

Christmas cosmetics are the prettiest by far – I fell in love with the Let It Glow Cracker from Evolve as soon as I saw it!  Inside are two gorgeous products – a deliciously chocolatey Radiant Glow Face Mask which revitalises and buffs the skin to silky perfection and and even more delicious lip shine in golden glow which is rich in Cacao butter, to make me feel warm all the way home.  Hero has already tried to convince me that the lip shine is for him, aww!

Emani Vegan Cosmetics

Born in California and established in the USA for over 20 years, red carpet brand Emani Vegan Cosmetics has launched in the UK! Their high performing, eco-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetics come in striking packaging and I can’t stop looking at the beautiful green bottle of The Perfect 10 Primer [infused with 10 different organic extracts to prepare skin for flawless foundation application] that stands on my dresser now!  Emani is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types thankfully which means I can gift any of my friends without worry.

Crazy Rumors Lip Balms

Flavoured lip balms make my Winter world go round and I’m not joking.  The wind on the South coast can be brutal and I don’t know anyone who leaves the house without their lips protected at this time of year!  Newly launched in the UK, Crazy Rumors lip balms are 100% natural I’ve picked Mint Chocolate – classic chocolate with a fresh twist – for me and Bubble Gum for the boys!

Impulse Limited Edition Body Mists

I can’t remember a time when someone in my family didn’t have a little cannister of Impulse in their hangbag – and the new collaboration with Insta stars Sophie Hannah and Helen Anderson and our sparkly sisters Go Get Glitter is everything that my nieces are after at the moment!  I’m so tempted to keep them for myself but I really should share them!  Think glitter, mermaids, unicorns and candy – they smell like heaven!


We were sent two bottles to celebrate with this year – Barefoot Bubbly and Botonique.  Barefoot Bubbly is apparently a sparkling wine filled with flavours of zesty citrus and blossom aromas – and only costs £8.50.  We love Barefoot Wine as it doesn’t take itself seriously and I don’t have to pretend to be a wine expert either to enjoy it!

Joining our Barefoot Bubbly is the new Botonique drink this year – I don’t drink alcohol often at all [the boys would never care if I was hungover or not and I just couldn’t take it to be honest!] and so this is perfect for me!  It’s a unique and British-made natural, dry, sparkling non-alcoholic drink, available in original and blush, which also contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which alcohol is known to deplete! That sounds pretty amazing to me.  I’m looking forward to trying it!


Willie’s Cacao is something I discovered a few years ago now at Waitrose originally and loved it so much that I remember my first precious cylinder of chocolate which I hid in my pantry and then grated over every hot chocolate and latte that I had for the entirety of the cold weather season.

Willie’s Cacao is THE chocolate to have around at Christmas – or any time you need to impress your guests.  Willie is somewhat of a legend in our eyes – a British chocolate maker, a real life Willy Wonka, who makes his products by hand and using antique machines to produce them on a micro scale.  Anyhow, we love Willie’s Cacao even more this year because they sent us a Chocolate Hamper named “Sweet Dreams” filled with a mixture of traditional Willie’s Cacao products and offering a glimpse into their kitchen.  I can’t tell you how much we’d love a real glimpse into the kitchens at Willie’s Cacao!

We have Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – Peruvian Chulucanas milk chocolate with freshly roasted Hazelnuts; Chulucanas 50% dark hot chocolate powder, and two single estate dark chocolate bars, three assorted bars [Milk of the Gods, El Blanco and Raspberries and Cream – I hid that one for me] and the most beautiful keepsake for after the chocolates have gone, a golden cacao pod containing passion fruit caramel pearls.  Even the description makes me smile.

There’s even a chocolate bible on the site.  Now that sounds like a delicious religion!


The boys call these my Moomin slippers and they’re right. I feel just like a Christmas Moomin Momma in my BAABUK slippers.  They’re a Swiss footwear brand that produces wool sneakers, slippers, and boots – and everything is unisex, making them great gifts for any member of the family! I’m saving these for Christmas Eve so that I can officially call them my Christmas slippers!

I was kindly sent these items this year – but we chose them all very carefully so that we would only show you items we love.  Happy shopping! Next up is a little Christmas guide for him!

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