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Ever since Barry the Biscuit Boy graced our screens, the chances of another kind of milk making it over the threshold of our home was slim to none.  Our boys have been loyal to Cravendale – or “Mr. Biscuit Head”‘s milk and with the amount they consume daily, I probably should have bought a Cravendale cow.  If I’d only known how much they were going to love it –  I’d have been quids in for sure by now.
It’s virtually impossible to get through a day without milk in our home.  Breakfast, lunch, break times, dinner and middle-of-the-night-pregnancy-heartburn-attacks mean we are all reaching for the big white bottle in the refrigerator frequently throughout the day.  Warm milk before bed is my favourite – although I love the taste of Cravendale in my afternoon naptime latte too.
Without a doubt though, the favourite way to enjoy Cravendale for the Joneses is with donuts or other confections on a Saturday morning, nestled together, pyjamas and big fluffy socks on, in bed.

We buy some plain ringed donuts, set the sugar and sprinkles out and we watch Saturday morning cartoons [Teen Titans and Scooby Doo] wrapped in duvets, sipping Cravendale from milk bottles through striped and polka dotted straws and eating berries [whilst mommy cringes every time a berry hints at coming close to her lovely white duvet cover].

The weekend can’t fail to start anything less than fantastically when you’ve had Cravendale milk and donuts [plus, the milk seems to combat the sugar rush pretty well].

The boys will easily drink half a pint each – and I can’t complain.  They aren’t huge fans of water at the moment and finding a drink that isn’t packed with sugars or colourings is such a relief.  The sweetest moment we had with Mr. Biscuit Head’s milk was last year when they left the reindeer some Cravendale on Christmas Eve in a bowl in case they might like some to keep their bones strong and healthy on their flight back home.

When we counted, we found over 30 different ways we enjoy Cravendale in our home – have you tried it yet?

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.

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